6    Authentication
The authenticator.pl script
The Palace authentication daemon is a PERL script called 
. It is 
installed with the server software, and resides in 
To start the Authenticator Daemon
Navigate to the directory where you have installed 
perl authenticator.pl &
Start the Palace user software (for Macintosh or Windows 95).
On the client, enter wizard or god mode (see Owner and operator commands on page 
In the client input box, type
  security host:port 
to tell the Palace server where 
the authentication daemon is running.
The default port for the authentication daemon is 2345. You can change the default port 
by editing the 
Set the user names and passwords of people to connect to your server in the 
 text file. These values should be set in the format 
specified below. 
In addition to providing a very simple authenticator engine for use with this Palace, 
the PERL script is intended to provide an example program for those who wish to tie 
into existing authentication databases.
Using a custom authentication daemon
You may use another authentication daemon, but it must respond to the following 
parameters and guidelines.
After querying the client for a user name and password, the server connects to the 
authentication daemon and sends a message in the following format:
The authentication daemon should save, but not interpret the numbers. The Palace 
server uses the numbers to match responses with requests. The password is 
transmitted with the case preserved. The line is terminated with a new line marker.
UNIX Palace Server Guide

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