Maintaining your site page in the Palace Directory 
Image for Site Page:
You can display a small image on your site page, for example, a room in your 
Palace. Enter the location of the image file here.
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
Enter your name as you would like it to appear on the site page.
Owner email:
Enter your email address here, if desired.
Owner Profile ID:
This is your registered Palace Profile ID number; users can click this to bring 
up your Palace Profile. You have a Palace profile ID if you are a registered 
Palace client user. 
Invitation Subject
Invitation Body
When a user clicks Invite your friends on your site page, this sends an email 
to their designated recipients inviting these recipients to visit your Palace. 
Enter the subject header and the text of this email here.
Operating Hours
List the hours that your Palace is up and running.
URL to Download Palace Graphics
URL to Download Palace Sounds
Standalone Palace User software clients can download your graphics and 
sounds in advance, which bypasses a lengthy download process when they try 
to enter each of your rooms.
Term  s o  f Service
Enter any guidelines and terms of services for users.
Community Home Page URL
If you are a member of a web community, you can enter its URL here.
Operator n Profile ID 
If you have operators for your Palace (designated power users to whom you 
give your operator password), you can enter their Palace Profile IDs and 
descriptions here. They must be registered Palace client users to have a profile. 
A user can then click the profile ID to bring up that operator's Profile page.
Primary Language
Secondary language
These indicate the language visitors will be using on your site.
UNIX Palace Server Guide

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