4    Administering Your Palace Site
A link to your Palace. When users click this link, they go to the entry page for your 
Palace. See Controlling Palace Viewer links to your Palace on page 32 for more 
A link to a form for inviting friends to the Palace
This page is publicly accessible and is online 24 hours a day, whether or not your 
Palace is running. Of course, you must have your Palace running in order for users to 
connect to it. 
You can control the information in this page by using the Site Administration Page. 
You can enter the 
 command in your client window to find the URL for your 
Palace site page, then paste this URL into your web browser.
To access the Site Administration Page
Do one of the following:
 in your client text input box to list your Palace site page URL 
in the client log.
b. Paste this URL into your web browser.
Find your Palace in the Palace Directory (online at 
) and 
click it to bring up your Palace site page.
Click the Site Administration Page button from your Palace's Site page on the 
Palace Directory (
You are prompted for your owner password (see Owner and operator commands on 
page 30.
Your web browser goes to your Palace Site administration Page. This page has the 
following fields:
Server Name
This is the name of your Palace specified through the Palace Preferences.
Current Rooms
This is the number of rooms you currently have. To edit rooms, use the Palace 
Authoring Tool.
Current Users:
This is the number of users currently in your Palace
Enter a description here for your Palace.
You can list announcements on your website, such as upcoming events.
UNIX Palace Server Guide

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