Maintaining your site page in the Palace Directory 
Custom avatars are only applicable for web based users (Palace Viewer and 
To create a custom avatar library
1. Create one 44x44 pixel GIF file for each of your avatar images. Use a transparent 
background for the portions of the image you don t want visible.
2. You must name these files using the format
 where number ranges 
from 0 to 103. For example, 
, etc.
3. Put these files in a directory where your Palace web server can access them. If you 
are using your default Palace installation, this directory is 
4. Connect to your Palace server, and enter owner mode (see To enable operator and 
administrator mode on your client on page 30).
5. Point to the new avatar directory:
 avatarurl http://server/directory/
 is your Palace web server address, and 
 is the directory 
where the avatar images reside. The default local settings for the URL are entered 
by default. You must also enter the port number if it is different from the default 
port of 9998.
The trailing slash is required.
6. Turn custom avatars on by entering the command:
'avatarurl on
You can turn this off with the command 
 avatarurl off
, in which case the default 
avatars are used again. If you turn the command back on, it uses the same URL for 
the custom avatar directory.
7. When a Palace Viewer user logs onto your Palace, they access this new avatar 
Maintaining your site page in the Palace Directory 
Registering your Palace site automatically creates a web page for it in the Palace 
Directory; this is called your Palace site page. Users can access this page by clicking 
your Palace link in the Palace Directory, or the Palace Info button on the Palace Viewer.
Your Palace page contains information such as:
Whether or not your Palace is up and running 
UNIX Palace Server Guide

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