Maintaining information for web based users 
To change your owner and operator passwords
1. Connect to your Palace through the Palace user software (described in Connecting 
through the standalone Palace User Software on page 16).
2. Enter owner mode using your current owner password.
3. Enter the owner 's new password with the following syntax:
4. To change the operator password, type:
You retain your operator status until:
You turn it off,
You disconnect from the current Palace, or
A local owner turns the operators Permission off.
Your operator status is not saved anywhere on the Palace site. If you want to 
use operator or owner powers next time you sign on, you will have to enter the 
password again. This is a security feature; it keeps others who use your client from 
automatically becoming operators themselves.
You retain your owner status until:
You turn operator Mode off, or
You disconnect from the current Palace.
Maintaining information for web based users
Many of your Palace users will be accessing your site from the Web, using the web 
based Palace Viewer. You can make this Viewer more accessible to users, control web 
based links to your Palace site, and provide custom avatars for these web based users.
Embedding the applet
The Palace Viewer is an applet, and can be embedded on one of your web pages. 
Applets are programs that run inside of a web page, often initiated when you click 
their link. Embedding the Palace Viewer on your web site and pointing it to your 
Palace encourages users to visit your Palace. Anybody visiting your web page can 
instantly then visit your Palace site simply by clicking on the link. They do not have 
the Palace client software installed on their machine themselves.
UNIX Palace Server Guide

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