4    Administering Your Palace Site
Use the Room Info option to bring up the Room Info window. From this window, 
enter a name for the room, attach your graphics file in the Picture field (browsing 
to get it if necessary), and set options for the room. 
Enter authoring mode by selecting the Authoring Mode option. Now, instead of 
activating doors and rooms, you can edit them when clicking on them.
Use the New Door option to add a door to this room. Then, use the Door Info 
option to set options for this door, such as its destination, and add a script. Doors 
that execute scripts, such as connecting to other Palaces or activating web pages, 
are called Spots. You need to change this door type from Passage to Normal.
Owner and operator commands
Owner and operator are the terms for the former god and wizard, respectively.
For the UNIX Palace Server, you perform most of your Palace site maintenance with 
owner or operator commands entered through the Palace user software. These two 
types of users are described in Introduction on page 7.
Operator commands let you do things such as change room graphics, add scripting, 
and remove unruly visitors. The owner commands let you do everything a operator 
can do and more. These commands and capabilities are discussed in detail in the 
Palace Wizard s Guide, available from the Palace website. For a list of these commands, 
see Palace Command Summary on page 55.
To become an operator or owner, you must enter the correct password on the Palace 
client. You establish these passwords when you install your Palace server.
To enable operator and administrator mode on your client
Start your client.
Do one of the following:
Select Wizard Mode from your Palace client s Options menu (for a Macintosh 
client, select Wizard from the Edit menu). In the resulting password dialog, 
enter the operator or owner password. 
In the text input box, type 
~susr owner|operatorpassword
UNIX Palace Server Guide

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