Changing the look of your Palace site 
Creating new room artwork
Each room in your Palace site corresponds to a graphics file (GIF file). You can use 
background images from anywhere; but they must meet the following requirements:
512x384 pixels.
256 color GIF or JPEG. Note that only Palace Viewer or Macintosh Palace User 
Software clients currently can use JPEGs; Windows based Palace Viewer Software 
clients cannot. You must always supply a GIF format of the picture. However, 
Palace Viewer clients will first look for a JPEG; if it does not exist, the client will 
then use the GIF.
JPEGs should be 512x384 pixels in size for a room picture to ensure they can be 
seen by all client machines. Spot pictures can be any size. The file extension that is 
supported is
Macintosh clients might require extra RAM to host rooms with many JPEGs.
Conform to the Palace Palette color scheme (for GIF images). To ensure this, 
download the Palace Palette from the Palace website, open your image in a 
graphics editing tool (such as JASC PaintShop Pro or Adobe Photoshop), and load 
the Palace palette according to your graphic tool s instructions. You can also open a 
Palace image in your graphics editor (using the Palace User Software) and save the 
Palace Palette from that image, again according to your graphic tool s instructions. 
Once you have the palette source, open your image file in the graphics editor and 
convert it to 8 bit/256 color, loading the Palace Palette to convert the image to the 
Palace color scheme.
Adding the new images
When you have your room artwork ready, you can customize your site with these new 
background images through your Palace client s operator mode (formerly known as 
Wizard Mode). 
You cannot add graphics files through the Palace Viewer.
To add graphics through Palace user software
The following steps describe using operator mode from a Windows 95/NT Palace 
client. The Macintosh version has slightly different menus and windows.
1. From your Palace user software, enter operator mode (described in Owner and 
operator commands on page 30).
2. When operator capability is enabled, you will see the Wizard menu. Use the 
options on this menu to create and link rooms. (For detailed information on these 
operator menu items, see the Palace Wizard s Guide.)
3. Use the New Room option to create a new room on your Palace.
UNIX Palace Server Guide

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