4    Administering Your Palace Site
What to do
How to do it
Automatically kick off users who send lots of 
Create a list of authorized URLS for web 
 allowedurls [on|off|URLstring] 
based user access.
Create custom avatars for web based users 
 avatarurl [on|off|URLstring] 
1.  Guests have limited privileges to your Palace site; they cannot wear props nor have custom 
2.  You can also allow robots room by room through from your Palace user software. Enter opera 
tor mode using the instructions in Owner and operator commands on page 30, go to the spe 
cific room, then select Wizard:Room Info, and check No User Scripts. 
3.  For more information, see Owner and operator commands on page 30.
Changing the look of your Palace site
You can change the look of your Palace site by customizing and adding rooms. These 
rooms can be linked together, have original artwork, and scripts that execute when 
users enter the rooms. You can use a new template from the Palace to change the look 
of your entire Palace site. You can also create and customize rooms with new art and 
scripts through authoring mode on the stand alone Palace User Software.
Using a new Palace template file
The easiest way to change the look of your Palace is to download a template from the 
Palace website and then have your Palace use this new template. Templates are the 
look and feel of your Palace site; they contain artwork, sounds, scripts and a 
configuration file (
 containing information about your Palace rooms. The Palace 
website has many different configuration files you can download, such as a beach 
resort or an office. You can download as many of these templates as you like, and 
change the look and feel of your Palace whenever you want.
To obtain a new template, go to the downloads page and select the templates section. 
To use this new template, configure your Palace to use the
file associated with 
this template.
To use a new .pat file
Use the 
roomsfile command to indicate the template you want. For example:
 roomsfile "psdata/Beach.pat"
UNIX Palace Server Guide

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