4    Administering Your Palace Site
Make a backup copy of your 
 file, while it contains only those props 
you want it to contain. Periodically thereafter, you may overwrite your current 
propfile with the backup version. However, do not copy the prop file while your 
Palace is running. This can crash the Palace, corrupting the prop file and negating 
any changes you have made in authoring mode.
Art and sounds
All artwork and sounds for your Palace reside on your Palace web server. When users 
access your Palace, this web server provides the artwork and sounds for them. In 
addition, if a user with the stand alone Palace User Software accesses your Palace, the 
sounds and artwork for that room are downloaded to their machine from this web 
Your Palace installation has a built in web server to serve this media. You can keep 
your media here, or move it to a different web server (for example, to reduce the load 
on your machine).
To put your art and sounds on a different web server
Use the
owner command:
 fileserver "http://macguyver.communities.com:9990/palace/media/"
To customize sounds for your site
Your sounds are contained in 
 files. The 
files are for Palace User 
Software clients; the sounds in the 
 files are for Palace Viewer clients visiting your 
site. Note that 
 files need to be 8KHz and either 8 or 16 bit mono.
To make a sound available for your site, make sure it exists in both formats, and 
copy the sound file(s) to the 
 folder of your palace server (by default, 
If you want users to be able to access and play this sound from their Sounds 
window, you must add the sound to your sounds list file. In your 
file (residing in the same directory), list the name of the file, minus the file 
extension. For example:
UNIX Palace Server Guide

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