Administering Your 
Palace Site
This section describes how to administer your Palace site. On the UNIX Palace, most of 
your Palace administration is done through owner and operator commands executed 
on your Palace client. You also can modify the settings of your Palace server 's 
preferences files.
Maintaining Palace files and network settings on page 25
Setting preferences on page 27
Setting user access and privileges on page 27
Changing the look of your Palace site on page 28
Owner and operator commands on page 30
Maintaining information for web based users on page 31
Maintaining your site page in the Palace Directory on page 33
Maintaining Palace files and network settings
As the owner of your Palace, you need to periodically maintain the actual Palace files 
on your machine. One file in particular that will grow noticeably in size over time is 
the file that contains your props (the 
 file). This file stores the binary 
data associated with all props used in your Palace site by all members. This file can 
become quite large if your site becomes popular; it's not uncommon to hear of 10  or 
15 MB propfiles. There are two ways to control the size of this file:
Us  e the
 is an operator 
command and 
 is an owner command that has been built into the 
system for prop maintenance. For more information see the Palace Wizard s Guide 
online at the Palace website. 
UNIX Palace Server Guide 

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