Running Multiple Servers 
on One Computer
This chapter describes how to run multiple Palaces on a single computer:
Overview on page 21
Assigning distinct IP addresses on page 22
Assigning different FRONTEND port numbers on page 23
On the UNIX platform, you can run multiple Palaces on one computer. There are two 
different methods for this: 
Assigning each Palace a distinct IP address, but all using the same port number 
(for example, 9997) 
Using the same IP address for all Palaces, but assigning each a separate port 
The UNIX Palace uses two different port numbers, the frontend number and the 
backend port number. The frontend number is the number Palace clients use when 
connecting to a Palace. The backend port number is the number that the frontends use 
to connect to the backend. The default is 10001; however, this value must be unique for 
each server.
Each Palace needs its own set of configuration files and log file directories, as well as a 
media directory. The easiest way to set up your multiple servers is to do a full separate 
install for each (though this does take up slightly more disk space).
UNIX Palace Server Guide 

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