2    Getting Started
If you do not want your Palace to appear in the Palace Directory, you can uncheck the 
List Palace in Directory? field on your Palace Site page.
Direct web access for standalone Palace User clients
Even if users use the standalone Palace User Software instead of the web based Palace 
Viewer, you can give them direct web access to your Palace. 
You can give users your machine address (in the format 
, such as 
) or IP address (such as
) so they can access it 
directly without having to search for it on The Palace Directory. They can enter this 
name or address in either their Palace client Connect window (if they have the 
standalone Palace User Software) or their web browser. Once they have visited your 
site, they can return to it by bookmarking it or selecting it from their list of previously 
visited Palaces.
You can even give Palace users access to specific rooms in your Palace. To do so, give 
the user your Palace URL, port number, and the room ID (from your Palace User 
Software, enter operator mode using the instructions in Owner and operator commands 
on page 30, go to the specific room, then select Wizard:Room Info to find the ID). 
Users can then enter this URL in their web browser. You can also include this reference 
in one of your Palace rooms as a "hot spot" link. Note that users cannot access a URL 
addressable room through their Palace User Software's Connect window.
This example illustrates the extended URL specification, where 89 is the room ID on 
The Palace located at 
 (port 9997). 
If you don t provide a port, The Palace client always assumes port 9998. 
To include a room reference in your web page, use the HTML 
 command. To 
include a room reference as a hotspot in a Palace room, use the 
 command. See 
The Iptscrae Language Guide for more information on the 
Publicizing events
You can host events on your Palace and encourage people to attend them. To publicize 
your event, list it in your Palace Site Page and also The Palace Event Calendar, which 
publicizes events to the entire Palace community on The Palace website 
UNIX Palace Server Guide

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