Making your Palace accessible to others 
Making your Palace accessible to others
Users can visit your Palace when you have it up and running. There are multiple ways 
users can access your site; these are all documented in The Palace User s Guide and The 
Palace Viewer documentation.
Embedding The Palace Viewer on a web page
Embedding The Palace Viewer applet on one of your web pages and pointing it to your 
Palace encourages users to visit your Palace. Anybody visiting your web page can also 
visit your Palace simply by clicking on the link. They do not have to download any 
software themselves.
To attract even more visitors to your site, you can encourage others to embed The 
Palace Viewer in their web page and point to your site. They don't have to have a 
Palace installed to do this. 
See Embedding the applet on page 31 for more information.
While you might welcome having your Palace linked to by many web pages, you 
might also want to control the web content surrounding this link. For example, if you 
operate a family oriented Palace, you probably don't want links to your Palace 
appearing in web pages containing adult content. For information on controlling which 
web pages can point to your Palace, see Maintaining information for web based users on 
page 31.
You can set privileges and access rules for Palace Viewers through owner level 
commands. For information on how to control access from Palace Viewer users, see 
Maintaining information for web based users on page 31.
The Palace Directory
You can list your Palace in The Palace Directory. The Palace Directory resides on The 
Palace website, and lists all registered Palaces in the entire Palace space. 
Each Palace in the Directory has its own Palace Site page; users access this page by 
clicking on The Palace's link in the Directory. Palace Site pages include information 
such as a description of your Palace, any announcements you want, and a link that the 
user can click to visit your Palace. This page is displayed 24 hours a day, whether or 
not your Palace is up and running. 
To allow users to access your site, you must have your Palace running. 
You can control the content of your site page by using The Palace Site Administration 
form. This is a web page that is automatically created when you register your Palace. 
For information on the Site Administration Form, see Maintaining your site page in the 
Palace Directory on page 33.
UNIX Palace Server Guide

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