2    Getting Started
The Palace Viewer. This is a web based viewer that you can access from a web 
page. With The Palace Viewer, you can visit Palaces, socialize with other users, and 
perform owner and operator commands from the command line interface. 
However, you cannot administer and maintain your rooms; you must use the 
standalone Palace User Software to do so.
Connecting through the standalone Palace User Software
You can use either the Windows  or Macintosh based Palace User Software to access 
your site. Before trying to connect, be sure your site is up and running (using the 
instructions in Starting your Palace server on page 14). After you access your Palace for 
the first time, you can bookmark it or select it from the list of recently visited Palaces.
The following steps demonstrate connecting from a remote Windows 95/NT machine:
Start your Palace client by choosing Programs:The Palace:The Palace32 from your 
Windows Start menu.
Connect to your own Palace. To do this, select Connect to a Palace from the client s 
File menu.
In the resulting Connect dialog, enter your Palace machine address in the format 
; for example,
 You can also enter the 
machine s IP address (such as 
Connecting through The Palace Viewer
In contrast to The Palace User Software (which is an application that resides on your 
machine), The Palace Viewer is an applet. Applets are programs that run inside of a 
web page, often initiated when you click their link. 
The Palace Viewer applet can reside on any web page. By default, your Palace Site 
page (in The Palace Directory) contains a link to a Palace Viewer pointing to your 
Palace; see Maintaining your site page in the Palace Directory on page 33 for more 
information. You can also embed The Palace Viewer on one of your own web pages, 
and point it to your Palace. See Embedding the applet on page 31 for more information.
To connect to your Palace using The Palace Viewer
Launch your Palace according to the instructions in Starting your Palace server on 
page 14.
From your web browser, launch a web page containing a Palace Viewer pointing to 
your Palace. By default, you can follow the link from your Palace Site Page in The 
Palace Directory (on
Click the link to The Palace Viewer.
UNIX Palace Server Guide

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