2    Getting Started
   crontab mycron
This sets up a 
 or automated task which will execute at midnight every day 
and run the switch logs script. You can verify that the 
 is set up by typing 
which lists the contents of your crontasks.
The old log will not be overwritten, but renamed according to the time the changeover 
was done.
You may need to change the path in the 
 file to match your chosen 
install directory. It needs to point to the switch logs file in the bin directory of your 
palace installation. Some systems may not allow users to run cron tasks. Check with 
your system operator if you have difficulty setting up this crontab.
Registering your Palace
To run your Palace, you must register it with Communities.com. Registering your site 
lets you list it with The Palace Directory if you want. This is a directory of all registered 
Palaces in the entire Palace space, and resides on The Palace web site 
). Users can click your Palace link to bring up a web page with 
your Palace information. If you do have your Palace running, users can even access 
your Palace from your Palace Site page. 
Listing your Palace in The Palace Directory is not required. See The Palace 
Directory on page 17 for more information.
You receive your registration code by e mail when you register The Palace software. 
The install script will prompt you for this registration code. Your Palace will not run 
without a valid registration code.
For more information on The Palace Directory and maintaining information about your 
Palace listing there, see The Palace Directory on page 17.
Starting your Palace server
The Palace has several scripts to start the software, depending on if you wish to start 
your Palace by itself or in conjunction with the web server that is part of your Palace 
installation. All scripts reside in the 
UNIX Palace Server Guide

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