2    Getting Started
The first method involves the use of the 
 purge and  flushprops
 is an operator command and 
 is an owner command that has 
been built into the system for prop maintenance. For more information see the 
Wizard s Guide
The second method involves making a backup copy of your 
effectively taking a  snapshot  of it while it contains only those props you want it 
to contain. Periodically thereafter, you may overwrite your current prop file with 
the backup version.
Do not copy the prop file while your Palace server is running. This might 
corrupt your Palace prop file and negate any changes you have made in Authoring 
It s a good idea to run your Palace server on a computer that isn't being used for lots of 
other tasks, because this activity will slow down all processes running on that 
computer. Slower computers may certainly act as Palace servers, but they will not 
adequately support as many users as their faster cousins.
Installing the Server Software
The Palace server and its associated files come in a single easy to use package. Use the 
following directions to set up your Palace server.
You should be a non root user to install the Palace server software.
To download The Palace, go to the Downloads page of The Palace website 
) and select The Palace Server for UNIX. You can choose among 
several options for downloading:
You can download the server executable plus a Palace template. A template is a 
look and feel for a Palace, including all sounds, artwork, scripts, and layout. The 
standard Palace templates include such things as an office and beach resort. Your 
registration code will be emailed to you.
You can also download as many Palace templates to your machine as you like. 
Then, you can pick and choose among them whenever you want to change the look 
of your Palace. Use the 
 command to do this. See Changing the look of 
your Palace site on page 28 for more information.
If you have a previous release
Use these steps to upgrade from a previous release. 
UNIX Palace Server Guide

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