Getting Started
This section covers the details of getting your Palace server online:
Requirements on page 9
Installing the Server Software on page 10
Registering your Palace on page 14
Starting your Palace server on page 14
Checking the status of your server on page 15
Connecting to and visiting your Palace on page 15
Making your Palace accessible to others on page 17
Stopping the Palace server on page 19
The following sections describe everything you need to get your Palace server up and 
running with a minimum of hassle.
Disk space. The amount of disk space required for your Palace Site initially depends on 
the number and size of the sounds and graphics you make available. For example, the 
files associated with running the traditional  Mansion  Palace will require around four 
megabytes, three quarters of which is devoted to graphics and audio. 
The only file that will grow noticeably in size over time is your prop file 
. This file stores the binary data associated with all props used in your 
Palace by all members. As you can imagine, this can get to be quite a large file if your 
site becomes popular; it's not uncommon to hear of 30 MB prop files. Whether or not 
you decide to control the size of this file is up to you, but there are basically two ways 
to do it.
UNIX Palace Server Guide 

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