In addition, there is an index, an appendix about The Palace Client Plugin API, and an 
appendix summarizing the Palace commands.
Manual conventions
This manual has the following conventions:
Code samples and text you enter are set in 
, whether standing alone or 
embedded in the text.
Technical terms appear in boldface italic in the text in their first appearance, 
usually accompanied by a definition. 
Graphical User Interface (GUI) elements, such as menu items and buttons, appear 
in boldface.
References to other books, chapters, or sections are in Italic.
Notes to the user look like this.
Other sources of information
Besides this UNIX Palace Server Guide, the Palace provides other online manuals; these 
are all available from the Palace website. The following manuals are especially useful:
User s Guide. This manual describes how to use obtain, setup, and use the Palace 
client software. You will need the Palace client to perform wizard and god actions 
for your site. Both a Windows and Macintosh version are available.
Wizard s Guide. Describes the responsibilities of an operator (that is, designated 
power user), and details the Palace client s operator interface, and operator/owner 
(that is, Palace superusers) commands.
Iptscrae Language Guide. This manual is a programming and language reference 
guide for the Palace Iptscrae language. Although most of the powers and options 
available to you as a Palace Operator are easy to learn and use, an endless number 
of advanced interactive tricks and shortcuts can best (or only) be achieved by 
mastering Iptscrae.
Moderator Guide. This manual describes the Palace moderator, which you can use to 
run multi user auditorium like events on your server.
In addition to the Palace online manuals, check out, the Palace 
website, for support, information, and online documentation.
UNIX Palace Server Guide

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