facilities continue to be constructed for 900 people;
safety. Villagers will have the opportunity to participate
water containers were distributed to 3,921 families;
in activities that will increase their knowledge of
the digging of a water pond was completed; newly
and capacity to handle evacuation procedures.
installed water filters now benefit more than 240
families, and a newly constructed water system
serves 1,731 families.
The programme faced significant challenges during
Development of school facilities moved into focus.
the month of September, including issues with
Initiation of computer laboratory, science laboratory,
shelter development and the integration of current
and library development programmes saw establish 
ment of these facilities in sample schools. Programmes
focused on utilization facilities to foster quality
learning. School supplies and teaching materials
were purchased for more than 4,835 children;
school lunch programmes and vocational training
for students was initiated at 3 target schools; 15
schools gained improved facilities; school bus fares
were provided to 45 students, and a field trip was
organized for 44 students from 11 target schools.
Progress continued on construction of basic infra 
structure in schools and communities. Several
daycare centres were completed and will pave the
way for increased focus on child development and
protection activities throughout the provinces. The
land for a child family friendly centre was prepared,
construction and repair of buildings at five schools
continued, benefiting more than 742 students and
more than 756 families; two daycare centres were
completed, and the digging of ditches at Baan Pru
Tiew began.
Livelihood groups continued to receive support
through enhancement of skills and group capacity,
and distribution of supplies. Replacement of assets
was arranged, with boats and engines distributed
in several affected areas. More than 21 livelihood
groups were supported, benefiting more than 408
people); fishing equipment was distributed to
more than 366 families in 10 villages; 167 families
received new and repaired boats and boat parts,
and; 27 tricycles went to families in three villages.
Several community broadcast centres were
constructed  this month to provide vulnerable
communities with access to local warning systems
and to reassure community members of their

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