items to affected families who still lacked basic
World Vision Thailand Tsunami Response Programme
necessities. Food distribution had subsided in most
aims to sustain the lives and dignity of surviving children,
of the areas since people have begun earning
their families and communities. The operational plan
income whether through recently established
has been developed with the consideration of eight
livelihood programme or through replacement of
sectoral initiatives: emergency response, shelter develop 
assets. Nonetheless, rice and food items were
ment, health development (including psychosocial
distributed to 864 families; GIK s were distributed
health), water and sanitation, education, infrastructure,
to 251 families; over 1925 families received non 
economic development, and disaster mitigation.
food items and; 1,482 families participated in the
food for work programme.
A few construction projects saw completion but
Thailand Tsunami Response Programme, THA 21 
the majority of shelter development clustered
around design, planning and preparation of
construction. 32 permanent shelters were either
being constructed or completed and 53 homes
Provinces of Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi, Ranong, and
were completed.
Health programme continued to provide valuable
services. Students received care through oral hygiene
lessons, exercise activities, and awareness training,
A one year operational plan is currently in place, but
among others. Children participated in activities
this assessment only focuses on accomplishments as
implemented by local child care centres. Indeed,
of September 2005.
the lunch and milk distribution programme served
77 children; the day care /child family friendly 
centre benefited more than 2,530; the aerobics
The Emergency Response initiative aims to meet the
programme had 40 participants; "children s activities"
basic human and survival needs of affected people;
involved more than 585 children; sports equipment
the Shelter Development initiative aims to secure and
was distributed to 329 children; 8 schools benefited
protect lives of affected people from climatic and human 
from the oral hygiene programme; smoke machines
induced hazards; the Health Development initiative
were distributed to 25 people as well as six health
aims to improve the health and well being of affected
centres; 1,105 children were covered by the health
people; the Water & Sanitation initiative aims for good
check up programme; 144 volunteers were
access to water and appropriate community hygiene
trained in basic health awareness and prevention;
practices; the Education initiative aims for quality education
97 students participated in HIV/AIDS and drug
and learning opportunities for children; the Infrastructure
awareness camps, and; more than 1,525 students
initiative aims to restore community social life activities
are now enjoying new playground equipment.
and access to health facilities; the Economic Development
Assistance was provided to villagers through
initiative aims to promote sustainable livelihoods and
distribution of water containers, water filters, and
food security and; the Disaster Mitigation initiative
provision of materials for toilet facilities. These activities
aims to reduce vulnerabilities of communities and the
ensured villagers access to water in a quantity and
effects of disasters
quality above standard. Accordingly, drinking water
was distributed to 60 families; more than 175
people participated in and benefited from trash
Having approached the end of the emergency re 
clean up activities; 34 toilet facilities were provided;
sponse period, emergency response activities
powdered milk was distributed to 688 preschool
were limited to distribution of GIKs and non food
children at 12 schools and 4 day care centres; toilet

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