At present, the CPLG project has seen success: 1)
While many of the projects are in progress, some status
through the workshop TAF/TH gained knowledge
reports were available: The Office of Legal Aid Planning
regarding problems and issue areas that should
is currently completing collecting data and filing it
be targeted in the CPLG curriculum; 2) Consultants
online; the Rehabilitation Programme for the Restoration
have been contracted and; 3) TAF managed and
of Family Life is preparing to expand to new areas; WLAT
organized a training programme for organizations
has concluded half of its target cases; the Recovery of the
and partners committed to participation.
Andaman Project and Fishing Boat Reconstruction Project
After educating the general public and concerned
is developing a management process with local commu 
agencies, the Legal Assistance to Migrant Workers
nities that will result in the establishment of a com 
project found that migrant workers have begun
munity appropriate waste management culture.
to receive their fair share of legal assistance. The
project also resulted in the preparation and
submission of post seminar reports with recommen 
dations to concerned agencies to stimulate the
resolution of problems for migrant workers and
the establishment of a monitoring group, which
continues to function, to follow up on assistance
provided to affected migrant workers.
The Legal Aid and Rights Protection for Tsunami
Victims project s Legal Aid Centre provides legal
consultants primarily to victims who believe they
have not received appropriate and reasonable
compensation and services. WLAT secured appropriate
compensation and services for their clients. WLAT
provided legal aid information to citizens in the
three provinces, as well as legal aid in court
As a result of the Tsunami Volunteer Website
project there is now a continual flow of volunteers
and the problem of data tracking and data
management has been solved.
So far, the Recovery of the Andaman Project and
Fishing Boat Reconstruction Project has helped in
the repair and construction of boats, the completion
of research on types of waste in the project area
and the construction of a child care centre.
The Tsunami Reconstruction Project has been
successful in all three areas of work. Funds have
been used to purchase supplies needed for the
Muk Island water system, and the construction of
homes in Kama and Thad Chat Chai.

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