project training curriculum and to identify potential
The primary donor is The Asia Foundation/Thai 
partners; 2) two CPLG White Papers to catalogue
land (TAF/TH). However, Give2Asia (G2A) grants
the problems arising during tsunami recovery,
made some of the projects possible.
especially  the lack of access for disadvantaged
groups to assistance and the inequality/inequity
of services due to a lack of public participation in
TAF s partners include the Cross Cultural Foundation
the decision making processes and; 3) Training of
(CRCF), an affiliate of the Law Society of Thailand,
Tsunami CPLG Trainers (TOT) to financially support
Foundation Management Programme Activity (FMPA),
new trainers to develop training curriculum. Training
especially Ms. Ticha Na Nakorn, Hands on Thailand, the
will centre on land disputes, rehabilitation and
Holt Sahathai Foundation, the Mirror Art Foundation,
re design of housing and city plans, and capacity 
the Office of Legal Aid Planning, the Office of the
building of affected groups to secure fair assistance
Attorney General, The Rajaprajanugroh Foundation,
and services.
the Roong Aroon School Foundation and the Women
The Legal Assistance to Migrant Workers Project
Lawyers Association of Thailand (WLAT).
works to provide assistance to affected migrant
workers through a legal aid centre and legal aid
in court proceedings.
 Tsunami Civic Participation in Local Governance
The Legal Assistance Database System is intended
(CPLG) Project ;  Legal Assistance to Migrant Workers ;
for use by tsunami victims.
 Legal Aid and Rights Protection for Tsunami Victims ;
For the Tsunami Volunteer Website, software was
 Legal Assistance Database System ; the  Tsunami Volunteer
developed to operate a database of tsunami recovery
Website ;  The Tsunami Relief Project ; the  Recovery of
volunteers. Accessible at,
the Andaman Project  and  Fishing Boat Reconstruction
it provides information to match volunteers with
Project ; the  Tsunami Reconstruction Project ;  Rehabili 
the needs of local communities. It maintains contact
tation Programme for the Restoration of Family Life for
with 3,500 past and current volunteers through
Children and Families Affected by the Tsunami  and;
monthly newsletters.
 Tsunami Relief Project .
The Tsunami Relief Project centres on providing
air tickets for Ms. Ticha Na Nakorn to travel to the
South for recovery activities focused on youth.
TAF projects were distributed among Krabi, Phang Nga,
Working for the Holt Sahathai Foundation, Ms.
Phuket, and Ranong provinces.
Ticha s responsibilities are to provide mental and
psychological recovery assistance to provide life skill
development training for youth.
Most projects will be implemented between March
Initially, the Rehabilitation Programme for the
2005 and May 2006.
Restoration of Family Life for Children and Families
Affected by the Tsunami provided emergency
assistance. However, it now focuses on activities
The total funding amounts to USD Thousand 517.75.
and services meant to restore a sense of family life
However, funding for individual projects varies significantly,
for victims. This includes scholarships and planning
from USD Thousand 0.45 to USD Thousand 3,800.00.
with families to provide appropriate assistance.
The Tsunami Relief Project aims to extend TAF
assistance to tsunami orphans.
The Tsunami Civic Participation in Local Governance
(CPLG) Project has three components: 1) an Inception
Workshop to identify issues to address in the

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