Teachers and school board members who were
needed. The van team, together with the teachers
trained in PAL are expected to develop their local
and communities, are dealing with the simpler
curricula based on the concept and techniques
cases while the more complex ones are being referred
to concerned ministries and organizations that
have specific technical capacities.
Child Protection Related Initiatives
Networking with Myanmar and Moken communities
The mobile Psychosocial Support Project (Saidek
as well as organizations working with these com 
Caravan) was officially launched. Three vans staffed
munities (MAP, IOM, Save Andaman and Grassroots
with professionally trained psychosocial personnel
for Human Rights and Education (GRHRE) is taking
were scheduled to visit schools in the Phuket,
place with the aim of channelling more resources
Phang Nga and Krabi tsunami affected areas.
to these minority communities.
As a part of Plan s regional research on children s
participation in disaster, Plan Thailand conducted
consultations with 49 children in two age ranges
(7 12 years old, 13 18 years old in school and out 
of school youths). In addition, agencies were
interviewed to learn about their children participation
A  Children and Media  project is being prepared
and expected to be complete. Training on media
production for children and young people from
the target areas is planned.
Learning/Education Related Initiatives
The teachers who were trained in TOT School
Board Development workshop have conducted
School Board Development Training in their respective
schools. Plan, with ESAO staff and trainers, is carrying
out periodic follow up and monitoring activities.
The children s consultation showed the need for
a youth camp during school holidays.
Regular/periodic follow up and field monitoring
done by Plan and the ESAO staff after each training
session is completed. More refresher courses may
be needed after actual implementation by teachers
and participants.
Child Protection Related Initiatives
The Psychosocial support project by Childline
Thailand found cases where a referral system was

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