as occupational development activities.  The revolving
Livelihood Rehabilitation for Small Scale Fishermen
funds are organized and managed by village
and Emergency Relief for Myanmar Migrant Workers.
committees  under the supervision of (and with
technical support from) NGOs working with SAN.
In the long run, the revolving fund will remain with
Andaman coastline in Southern Thailand.
each community as a funding source for further
development activities such as fishing, occupa 
tional training, marine/coastal resources rehabili 
26 December 2005   ongoing.
tation and conservation, implementation of a
community based tsunami warning system, small 
scale fisherfolk empowerment, etc.  By the end of
Oxfam s total grant contribution for tsunami aftermath
September 2005, 2,920 sets of fishing gear had
response for 2005 is USD 380,000.  This has been fully
been distributed, 1,460 boats had been repaired or
disbursed.  In 2006 and 2007 Oxfam plans to continue
rebuilt, and the remaining 226 boats were under
support with USD 130,000 pledged per annum to part 
repair or being built, enabling 70% of the tsunami 
ners in order to ensure the long term livelihood secu 
affected communities in the programme to regain
rity of small scale fisherfolk.
livelihood capacity at levels equivalent to those
before the tsunami.
Oxfam s tsunami relief effort has given highest pri 
Emergency Relief for Myanmar Migrant Workers
ority to the marginalized groups of small scale
" Over 200,000 migrant workers, mainly from
fisherfolk and Myanmar migrant workers in this
Myanmar, were working in areas affected by the
area who generally lack ready access to relief and
tsunami, with over 30,000 working in the worst
affected area of Phang Nga province.  Access to
Oxfam s short term goal is to provide outreach to
relief services was particularly difficult for these
these vulnerable fishing communities, to rebuild
migrant workers due to their fear of being arrested
their capacity in traditional fishing practices, with
and deported to Myanmar.  The majority had come
long term goals focused on the security of their
from the Mon and Tavoy areas, and were working
in the fishing industry, on rubber and coconut
plantations, on construction sites, in guest houses
and restaurants, as domestic employees or sex
Livelihood Rehabilitation for Small Scale Fisherfolk
To this end, Oxfam has worked with the Save
" Oxfam has worked with the Tsunami Action Group
Andaman Network (SAN) to deliver assistance to
(TAG) to deliver emergency relief and assistance
121 small scale fishing communities on remote
to Myanmar migrant workers in Phang Nga, Phuket
islands and along the coastline in Ranong, Phang
and Ranong provinces.  From January August 2005,
Nga, Phuket, Krabi, Trang and Satun provinces.  The
emergency relief in the form of food, cooking
employment of a community based revolving
equipment and basic necessities were distributed
fund is the strategic approach used to secure
to 4,792 migrants (30% women and 9% children).
participation of community members, ensure
Oxfam and TAG also funded 31 funeral ceremonies
equal access to resources, as well as to ensure
for migrants.  In collaboration with Medecins Sans
sustainability over the long term.
Frontieres/Belgium, medical assistance was given
The revolving funds have been established to support
to 5,704 Myanmar migrants (45% women) in the
the repair and building costs of boats, fishing gear
form of basic medical care, transportation, language
and repair/replacement of boat engines, as well
interpreting services at the hospital, and financial

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