Rehabilitating Coastal Ecosystems in a Post Tsunami
would facilitate the process of planning for the re 
Context  will support and facilitate mangrove and
habilitation of damaged mangrove formations and
coastal forest restoration and document and share
the creation of mangrove plantations in other suitable
policy and technical information and lessons
areas by the Department of Marine and Coastal
learned in order to promote the integration of
Resources that incorporates information on species
mangrove conservation and restoration into post 
and extent. The major outputs from this project
tsunami reconstruction and coastal management
will be a report on methods (survey and classification)
processes. Activities will lead to the restoration and
and mapping results (map accuracies) that will
extension of mangrove forests through raising
contribute to the standardization of methodologies
local awareness, promoting information sharing
used to assess mangroves using GIS and a set of
activities and facilitating the development of partici 
mangrove status maps in digital form describing
patory strategies. A rapid assessment of the environ 
the post tsunami status of mangroves.
mental and socio economic value of mangrove
ecosystems in the area will also take place.
Since all projects are still, to some extent, in progress,
The IUCN partnership in the SDC Project:  Emergency
results and achievements cannot yet be identified.
Rehabilitation of Koh Phra Thong  has primarily
taken the form of technical support. IUCN aims to
enable SDC s rehabilitation activities to incorporate
environmental and socio economic information in
development activities. These have been carried
out through a rapid environmental assessment to
identify the critical habitats and land use patterns
on the island to influence the decision making
process. IUCN has also been involved in a rapid
socio economic and needs assessment necessary
to provide a strategy for livelihoods improvements
on the island.
 Counting the Environmental Costs of Natural
Disaster  addresses the use and articulation of the
economic values of natural resources. The project
aims to convince policy makers of the need to invest
in natural resource rehabilitation and management
as an integral part of the development agenda. The
goal of this project is to economically evaluate and
articulate tsunami related damage to natural resources
in selected sites within Thailand s affected provinces
and increase awareness and inform decision making
on coastal zone natural resource rehabilitation and
management in tsunami affected areas.
 Mapping the Distribution of Mangrove Forests 
will create digital maps of the principal species of
mangroves. Through GIS technologies, the assessment

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