illnesses, received assistance. Donated clothes
orphans. Other children will receive financial aid
were laundered. Relief items for five villages were
to continue their schooling. Funding has been provided
provided, and the families of deceased policemen
for some kindergarten teachers as well.
were also given aid.
" Long term organizational development activities
Support to children as part of early recovery and
have identified schools and teachers in charge to
reconstruction activities included scholarships,
establish Red Cross Youth (RCY) volunteer programme.
repair of schools and provision of student uniforms,
Teachers in charge Training for RCY programme
computers, etc. Child Development Centres were
were also held and job descriptions of branch officers
created. School children participated in a lunch
were developed. Four people have been appointed
programme. A scholarship for orphans was also
to strengthen the chapters  capacity. Chapter assess 
developed and some schools received playgrounds.
ment plans were also developed.
Due to efforts in the recovery and rehabilitation
of health care, an assessment of psycho social
needs in affected areas was produced, the first
psychosocial support programme (PSP) training
was undertaken and a water sanitation needs survey
of schools in need was taken.  TRCS compiled a list
of equipment needed for a health centre, hospital
and mobile operation theatre.  Ambulances, radio
communication equipment, mosquito spray guns,
pesticide,  and other medical equipment were provided
along with repeaters and hand sets for hospitals,
ambulances and TRCS.  Provincial health authorities
received fibreglass boats for transporting patients
from the islands to the mainland.  Hospitals were
given double coolers for dead bodies.  Materials
for day care centres were provided.  First aid and
emergency training was undertaken with partici 
pants from the Thai government sector.
" Thus far, long term disaster management activities
have resulted in a preliminary assessment to deter 
mine the IT and telecommunication needs of TRCS.
Community based Disaster Management training
course modules are being developed and a sea
rescue and water safety training of trainers workshop
involved many participants.
" Recovery efforts involved rebuilding of fishing
boats and cooperation for village rehabilitation.
Arrangements were also made for the care of tsunami

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