Partners also coordinated to deliver bulldozers
and back hoes. Utapo was used as the essential
As these are ongoing projects, much remains to be
hub for U.S. relief efforts bound for Sri Lanka,
seen. Emerging projects include the deployment of ten
Indonesia and Thailand.  Physicians led the identifi 
U.S. Peace Corps volunteers in tsunami affected areas
cation of victims and survivors, conducted medical
and TTVI associated proposals for an extended license
care facility assessments, set up active surveillance
for (or purchase of ) software to match Ante Mortem
for communicable diseases, assisted wound injury
and Post Mortem data (including DNA), the transfer of
investigations, served as public health liaisons, and
the TTVI from Phuket to Bangkok, and the excavation
conducted joint environmental health and occupa 
of a large sea wall where bodies may be trapped.
tional  health assessments as well as follow up
mental health surveys.
The Sustainable Coastal Livelihoods Project has
had several significant achievements in restoring
livelihoods.  Boats were constructed and delivered,
equipped with engines and gears for affected
fisherfolk.  Local villagers were engaged in several
cash for work programs, including programs to
pay villagers to collect mangrove seeds and plant
them in tsunami affected areas and to clean up
the village sewer line.  A micro finance initiative
was launched under the project.  Freshwater
aquaculture entrepreneurs received training in
fish seedling production using artificial breeding
techniques.  Through a public private partnership
a green learning centre is being supported, along
with a revolving micro finance loan program, and
a water treatment project. Two Crisis Corps Volun 
teers (CCVs) also arrived in the project communi 
ties and have been supporting the micro finance
program and a village greening initiative.
As a result of the US IOTWS program: experts from
NOAA and USGS participated in IOC sponsored
national assessments; program design was com 
pleted and a contract was awarded to a Program
Integrator contractor to support regional coordina 
tion and technical assistance; a program imple 
mentation plan (work plan) is being developed
based on outcomes of IOC national assessments;
the IOTWS program implementation team held a
 launch  meeting, followed by missions to meet
with officials of national governments.

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