development of training curriculums, especially for the
The Japanese Government.
search and rescue operation for the authorities concerned.
Coral Reef (sea fan) Recovery after the Tsunami at
Partners included government organizations, univer 
Similan Marine National Park, Phang Nga Province
sities, NGOs and donor agencies.
was undertaken by a Japanese expert who transferred
coral reef recovery technology to Prince of Songkla
University by financing and accompanying a
After the Tsunami disaster, Japan International Co 
recovery trip with by Thai experts on coral reef and
operation Agency (JICA) worked on victim identi 
volunteer divers. The outcome of the technical
fication, social rehabilitation, environmental reha 
transfer will be presented at a seminar to be held
bilitation, and capacity development for early
in December.
warning systems and disaster management.
The Workshop for Sharing Japan s and Thailand s
By utilizing the Japanese experience and know 
Experience of Social Recovery from Natural Disasters
how on disaster prevention and management,
was held in April 2005. This one day workshop
JICA has been conducting several workshops and
provided information on (1) experience and lessons
training courses both in Thailand and Japan. JICA
learnt in Japan, (2) situation and efforts/difficulties
will continue to contribute to Thailand by focus 
in affected sites, and (3) cooperation for strong
ing on capacity development in this field.
social recovery for 85 participants from government
organizations, universities, NGOs and donor agencies.
Within the Fire Service and Disaster Management
A survey was undertaken in the Ao Patong region
Administration for the Kingdom of Thailand
(Phuket), Khao Lak, Ko Kho Khao. Some specific sites
project a Top Managers  Seminar was organized,
were selected including small bays, stretches of open
inviting five Ministry of Interior executive officials,
coast, estuaries and beaches along ca 80 km of the
in particular from the DDPM, to Japan for one week
Andaman Sea coast , varying in natural conditions
to exchange opinions and information on current
(morphology, vegetation) and human activity (agriculture,
issues related to fire service and disaster management
fishery, tourism).
As part of the Project Formulation Study on Disaster
Prevention and Management the JICA Project
Some JICA Tsunami Activities began in December 2004
Formulation Team discussed the possibility of
and some will not be completed until March 2006.
technical cooperation opportunities mainly in the
fields of capacity building and raising public
awareness.  The team developed a mid term plan
As of 31 October 2005, contribution on international
for technical cooperation for disaster relief and
cooperation for post tsunami recovery efforts came
reconstruction (post tsunami) in order to promote
to USD Million 13.93.
safety and   security  in  communities  through
enhancement  of  system  for  disaster prevention
and  mitigation.   JICA is now planning to implement
For the Advisor to Director General of Department of
the technical cooperation project with the DDPM.
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) JICA
dispatched  one short term expert who has been
working for the DDPM and Disaster Prevention and
While ten activities have already been completed, four
Mitigation Academy (DPMA). The expert will give advice
more tsunami activities are now ongoing and will be
on disaster management, management of DPMA and
completed by March 2006.

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