> Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
Partners include The Community Development Depart 
> Public relations (PR) und marketing
ment; the DDPM of the Thai Ministry of Interior; the
Department of Local Administration Promotion; the
In another project GTZ provides advisory services
Department of Meteorology; German scientists; the
to the Department of Disaster Prevention and
German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Develop 
Mitigation (DDPM) of the Thai Ministry of Interior
ment (BMZ); Koh Lanta District in Krabi Province; the
in the area of disaster risk management. The overall
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; the
goal is to improve the living conditions of the residents
Phuket Marine Biological Centre (PMBC); the Red Cross
in disaster prone, largely rural regions, with emphasis
Association; Than Bok Khorani National Park (Mu Ko
on the southern provinces affected by the Tsunami.
Hong Islands) in Krabi Province; and Thai scientists.
The project assists in strengthening the potential
and competence of the DDPM in establishing and
performing a decentralized disaster prevention
GTZ s two projects in Thailand are "Environmentally
scheme and overall disaster management system.
Compatible Rehabilitation of the Tsunami affected
By project end DDPM will be qualified to develop
Region" and "Disaster Risk Management."
and carry out an active role in disaster prevention
in Thailand. There are three major components:
> Component I includes measures to assist the
Tsunami affected areas in Thailand, specifically islands
residents of two pilot communities planning
within Krabi province.
and organizing their own disaster prevention
system, based on the principles of CBDRM (com 
munity based disaster risk management), in
Both projects started in April 2005 and will last for
which they concern on compiling several aspects
approximately 12 months.
of emergency planning, such as early warning,
evacuation, search and rescue followed by practical
simulations. Those plans shall later be included
The total funding of the two projects amounts to USD
in regional/local community development
Thousand 936.76 of which USD Thousand 526.97 had
been spent as of 31 October 2005.
> Under Component II DDPM shall adopt the concept
of decentralized disaster risk management and
insert it into the curricula of DDPM s training and
The project "Environmentally Compatible Rehabilita 
teaching activities designed for different target
tion of the Tsunami affected Region" aims to build
capacity of relevant national institutions and to
> DDPM cooperates with other government agencies
assist the implementation of pilot projects within
and NGOs to introduce and implement the concept
the Tsunami affected regions. This includes support
of CBDRM with local communities. On national
for initiatives for a more sustainable development
and regional levels cooperation and coordination
in the tsunami effected regions. As a part of the
with additional organizations should be imposed.
project, GTZ and PMBC are cooperating on the
Results & Achievements
> Capacity building, training and scientific cooperation
Cooperation activities between GTZ and PMBC
> Measures strengthening and raising of environ 
have included training and consulting for
mental awareness
aquarium technicians, a study trip to Langkawi for
> Construction works, interior and exterior designs
PMBC aquarium staff as well as research cooperation
of the PMBC
between German and Thai scientists on the late

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