Joining the French Republic in its activities were Accor;
A total of USD Thousand 7808.34 was spent on the
Air France; the Association of Children and Development
projects. Another USD Thousand 23418.55 to 46837.71
("Enfants et Developpement"); the Association of Children
was loaned.
of the Mekong ("the Enfants du Mekong"); the Associa 
tion of Sailors without Frontiers ("Marins sans Frontieres");
Bouygues; the Carrefour Consumer Association; the
Projects include humanitarian aid for the victims, disaster
Carrefour Foundation; CIRAD; the Chaipattana Foundation;
victim identification, community projects, financial
Club Mediterranean; the Department of Coastal Resources;
support, and rehabilitation projects.
the Department of Fisheries; Dextra; the Dr. Tiam
Chokwatana Foundation; EDF; Entraide et Solidarite;
Essilor; the Foundation for Sustainable Development;
Rehabilitation of national marine parks and devel 
the French Agency for Development ("Agence Francaise
opment of environment friendly economic activities
du Developpement"); the French community in Thailand;
by local communities.
French companies such as Total and Michelin; the
Sea bed and coral reefs cleaning conducted in Koh
French Embassy in Bangkok; the French Foundation
Phi Phi.
("Foundation de France"); the French Fund for Global
Training session for police frogmen in Krabi and
Environment ("Fonds Francais pour l Environnement
volunteers in Koh Phi Phi.
Mondialm"); the French military and the Gendarmerie
Mangrove cleaning at Lana Bay in Koh Phi Phi.
Unit; the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs; French
Project to support the rehabilitation of the
municipalities such as Issy Les Moulineaux, Sucy en
Kasetsart University research station on marine
Brie, Nice; French police frogmen, the Franco Thai Solidarity
and coastal management with the support of
Committee ("Comite de Solidarite Franco Thaie"); the
research institutes.
French Red Cross; GISTDA; the IFREMER Institute; IRD;
Five Thai experts trained on the modeling techniques
the Lamberet Company; MAE; the Marseilles Lyons
of seismic data at the geophysical laboratory of
Club; ONG FORSI; the Phuket Sun Shine Village Foundation;
the Tsunami Warning Centre in Tahiti.
RAID; the "Save Andaman Network"; Secours Populaire;
Seminar and workshops on the prevention of
the SNR Company; Thales; the Thai Red Cross; the Thai
natural risks by remote sensing.
Vocational Education Commission and; Wild Life Fund.
Cartography on pilot sites on the Thai coastline
on the Andaman Sea.
Operational capacity building for the Thai Red
Action taken falls into four areas according to objective:
Cross through first aid training sessions and provision
environment, prevention and management of natural
of software for the management of blood donations.
risks, support for communities, and child assistance.
Financial aid for fishing communities for the purchase
of fishing equipments.
Assistance for 40 displaced families in camps at
Tsunami affected provinces in Thailand.
Thap Tawan and Khukkhak.
Action taken in child counseling and protection
(67 orphans and 200 children in precarious conditions)
Assistance began 26 December 2004 and continues
in 12 villages in Ranong.
Support for projects launched by the Save
Andaman Network for Baan Chee Chee, Baan Bang
Kluei Nok and Ratchakrud district. This included

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