The EC Delegation, in cooperation with UNDP, has
encouraged Member States  embassies to ensure
data quality and completeness by using the Devel 
opment Assistance Database (DAD) and updating
it regularly.
Through DG ECHO the EC was able to provide
humanitarian aid to 2,000 vulnerable fishermen
and women in small scale, coastal fishing communities
in Phang Nga and Ranong provinces. The fishermen
were provided with means to resume basic fishing
activities and to restart their livelihoods.
Medium and long term recovery processes focused
on redirecting on going projects towards contributing
to post tsunami rehabilitation and reconstruction.
This included the Coastal Habitats and Resources
Management (CHARM) program. Funds were
readdressed towards Pilot and Demonstration
Activities focusing on activities and initiatives in
the field of environment and sustainable livelihoods.
A stakeholder workshop with NGOs, fishing commu 
nities, local authorities and donors resulted in a
detailed needs assessment as well as the estab 
lishment of the Andaman Forum. It has assumed
a key coordination role by functioning as a clearing
house for community needs and donor assistance
in the area of livelihood rehabilitation. Several EU
Member States  embassies have commended the
work of the Andaman Forum in helping them to
identify projects and channel support to the affected
populations in Thailand.
The Small Grants Programme for Operations to
Promote Tropical Forests in Thailand (Tsunami
component) tackles various issues pertaining to
mangrove reforestation and conservation, training
in the field of coastal resources protection and
alternative livelihood development.

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