grants could be used for strengthening livelihoods
The Dutch Government.
and the creation of income generating activities
in coastal areas.
The EU Asia Pro Eco II B   Post tsunami Programme
In the following projects, the EC partnered with the
aims to foster recovery and rehabilitation through
Department of Fisheries, EU member states  embassies,
cooperation between Europe and Asia. Joint
the Terre des Hommes (Italy), and the UNDP. A future
projects will support capacity building and provide
collaboration with the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural
technical solutions to affected countries in order
Cooperatives (BAAC) is also planned.
to tackle environmental problems by transferring
European know how and best practices in conjunction
with the management. The two selected projects
 The EC played an important coordination role among
in Thailand are: 1) "Monitoring and managing the
its member states and also made the following projects
marine resources of Laem Son National Park following
possible: DG ECHO; Coastal Habitats and Resources
the tsunami" and 2) "Contributing to sustainable
Management (CHARM); Small Grants Programme for
reconstruction and development in the tsunami 
Operations to Promote Tropical Forests in Thailand
hit regions of Thailand by designing, implementing
(Tsunami component); Social Support Project (SSP); EU 
and disseminating pilot technologies for energy 
Asia Pro Eco II B   Post Tsunami Programme; Disaster
efficient housing and water management."
Preparedness and Early Warning Arrangements; and
DG ECHO supports UN ISDR to facilitate the agency s
Information Society Technologies Programme under
task to coordinate and support the implementation
the Sixth Framework Programme.
of an early warning system in the Indian Ocean.
This complements the support of the DIPECHO
programme in South East Asia for preparedness
There are EC projects in Krabi, Phang Nga, Phuket,
activities and regional exchange of information
Ranong, Satun, and Trang.
and good practices.
Future activities are possible under the EC s Infor 
mation Society Technologies programme. The aim
Most projects occur during 2005 2006. Accordingly,
would be to develop, validate and demonstrate
some projects are already completed while others are
advanced systems and services to manage geo 
still being planned.
physical risks, with a focus on developing an early
warning and alert capacity for improved disaster
prevention and preparedness in coastal zones. The
Total Thailand specific EC funding and expenditure for
objective would be to establish operational prototypes
tsunami aid during 2005 2006 is USD Million 5.30.
for tsunami detection, early warning and alert relevant
Another USD Million 8.20 has been allocated for general
to the main tsunami prone regions.
disaster preparedness and early warning arrangements.
The EC took part in the Joint Sub Committee, set
A proposed extension of the Social Support
up by the Thai Government to coordinate incoming
Project (SSP) would make funds available for the
foreign technical assistance for rehabilitation and
implementation of long term economic rehabilitation
reconstruction in Thailand. The EC Delegation in
activities in tsunami affected areas. Interventions
Bangkok had been requested by the EU Member
would be implemented in close collaboration with
States to function as an interface between the Thai
the BAAC, which would administer the distribution
government s coordination efforts and the Member
of grants to NGOs after a Call for Proposals. These

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