To support the rehabilitation efforts following the
The Rehabilitation of Wastewater Treatment Facilities
tsunami catastrophe.
project is designed to ensure that damaged
wastewater systems in the affected areas will be
re established and makes use of the management
The Danish Government as part of the Thai Danish
structure established through the existing Danida 
cooperation programme on environment and sustainable
funded project on capacity development for WMA.
The overall objective of the project is to ensure
that WMA and affected municipalities have suffi 
cient capacity, through implementation of selected
The needs for projects in the southern Thai provinces
priority projects, to improve water quality in areas
were identified through joint coordination efforts
affected by the tsunami. By the end of the project
involving the Thai Government, international
it is expected that the existing wastewater plant
organizations, bilateral donors and local stakeholders.
in Patong is rehabilitated and the cleaning capacity
The Danish Government s projects are implemented
expanded through the construction of a nature 
through Danida (Danish International Development
based wastewater plant; that the damaged
Assistance) at the Danish Embassy in Bangkok.
wastewater plant on Phi Phi Island is rehabilitated
Other partners include the Chumchon Thai
as a nature based wastewater plant; and that
Foundation (CTF); the Community Organization
wastewater from rehabilitated housing areas in
Development Institute (CODI); a Danish consultancy
Phang Nga can be cleaned through local solutions
company; local authorities; the National Park, Wildlife
established by the citizens themselves.
and Plant Conservation Department within the
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
The Re housing and Community Activities project
and; the Wastewater Management Authority
was designed to help people in the affected areas
(WMA) of Thailand.
re establish housing facilities and livelihoods. The
project builds on former Danida activities in the
area of urban community environmental activities.
Rehabilitation of Wastewater Treatment Facilities
The overall objective of the project is the promotion
Re housing & Community Activities and
of decentralised community driven rehabilitation
Rehabilitation of Protected Areas.
and environmental management in low income
areas affected by the tsunami. The Danish support
is based on assistance to empowerment of local
Project activities take place in Krabi, Phang Nga,
communities to make them able to quickly build
Phuket, and Ranong Provinces.
new housing areas, where environmental problems
can be solved in an efficient and sustainable manner.
By the end of the project, it is expected that 3
Initiated in February 2005 ongoing.
communities that were destroyed by the Tsunami
will have been re habilitated and involved in
environmental management of the urban areas.
USD Thousand 3,461.60 was approved for rehabilitation
For another 20 affected housing areas it is expected
efforts. Total disbursements as of 31 October 2005
that solutions to specific environmental and housing
amounted to USD Thousand 1,396.22.
problems will be established. Furthermore, net 
working among the communities and other
stakeholders will have been established and supported.

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