school district, construction of a daycare in Phru
The projects aim to address a wide range of needs
Tiew displacement camp and construction of the
among Tsunami victims and provide help for those
Khuk Kheuk School.
most affected by the Tsunami so that they can rebuild
> Income generating activities: boat rebuilding,
their lives and livelihoods in the aftermath of the tragedy.
and furniture making as a secondary income
opportunity, and the creation of a revolving loan
project for small businesses.
The Canadian Embassy chose to partner primarily with
> Reconstruction of the Buddhist temple in Baan
established groups who had a demonstrated presence
Kamala Beach
in Thailand prior to the Tsunami.  These include the
> An environmental project which will help local
Adventist Relief and Development Agency, Canadian
leaders incorporate principles of sustainable
Food for the Hungry, Knill Memorial Foundation, and
development and environmental management
World Vision Canada.  Local community groups were
in the rebuilding of their communities
also involved as they were supported in a variety of
A water system replacement project
Provision of professional medical staff, basic health
care and disease prevention, a mobile medical
clinic, and trauma counseling for women and children
Projects covered several areas, including child support,
Efforts were made to meet basic human needs to
environment, healthcare, humanitarian aid, income
enable the transition from immediate relief to
generation, and livelihood support.
rehabilitation.  Emergency items such as mats,
blankets, clothing, kitchen utensils, plastic water
tanks and tents, temporary shelters were provided
Four affected provinces of Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi
through this support.
and Ranong
As a result of a direct request by the Royal Thai
Government to Prime Minister Martin, a multi sector
team consisting of an environmentalist, costal and
Response began within days of the disaster and
marine area management expert, and a specialist
continues today.
in the use of remote sensing for the mapping and
monitoring of costal areas was deployed to Thailand.
The aim was to provide technical assistance on
The total funding provided to small scale projects was
environmental rehabilitation.  Following this assess 
USD Thousand 282.11.  Larger scale projects and donor
ment, Thailand was able to implement the large
agencies received an additional USD Thousand
scale requirements for integrated costal manage 
2,155.04.  The combined total as of 31 October 2005 is
ment through other donors.
USD Thousand 2,437.15.
As a result of this support, approximately 85,906 children
Small scale projects addressed a wide range of issues
and 10,294 adults in 4 provinces have received needed
as indicated below:
> Improving the lives of affected children:  these
More specifically:
projects include the provision of educational
The 70,354 school children and 3,117 teachers of
scholarships, the development of a children s
Krabi school district have access to a school boat
book on the Tsunami to be used by trained
for transportation of students and for use in the
facilitators in counseling children, the provision
rebuilding of schools
of a school boat for the children of the Krabi

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