closely linked to the OTOP initiative of the Thai
For its humanitarian aid efforts, the Austrian Government
Government called "One Tambon, One Product"
partnered with the Austrian NGOs Caritas, Rotes Kreuz,
project aimed at improving incomes in village
Car,Hilfswerk, and Arbeiter Samariter Bund. The Federal
communities to help alleviate rural poverty. The
Ministry of Economics and Labour, the Austrian Federal
Austrian Thai Community Centre will offer the
Chamber of Commerce, the Austrian NGO "Hilfswerk
necessary support in the training centre. In train 
Austria," the Phuket Provincial Administration Organi 
ing courses skills for exporting OTOP products will
zation, and the local Fishery Office all contributed to
be taught as well. Local women have the possibil 
reconstruction aid efforts in Thailand.
ity to participate in these seminars and training
course, and they can bring their children to the
nursery during the day.
There are two reconstruction projects in Thailand
The Boat Substitution project aims to support local
financed by Austrian public and private funds. These
fishermen in four provinces (Phuket, Krabi,
are: Construction of an Austria Phuket Community
Phang Nga, and Ranong). Partnered with the local
Centre on Kho Siray in Phuket and a Boat Substitution
Fishery Office to make inspections and keep contact
with the boat makers in each province.
Four tsunami affected provinces: Phuket, Krabi, Phang
In total, 18 fishing boats, engines and fishing tools
Nga, and Ranong.
have been produced.
Work on the Community Centre began in March
2005 and is expected to be completed in Decem 
ber 2007.
The total cost of the Austria Phuket Community
Centre is USD Thousand 586.22. Both projects are
funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and
Labour as well as the Austrian Federal Chamber
of Commerce.
Both projects are carried out by the Austrian NGO
"Hilfswerk Austria."
The Austria Phuket Community Centre will com 
prise three main buildings 1) Nursery, kid care cen 
tre, health care centre 2) community library 3)
training centre, handicraft centre. The basic health
care centre will include a general practitioner, an
eye specialist, and a gynaecologist. The public li 
brary will be open to the local community in or 
der to offer them a meaningful source of informa 
tion and education. The handicraft centre will be

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