It offers departments and agencies of Australian
federal, state and territory governments, as well
as Australian public universities, the opportunity
to compete for grant funding. These funds will allow
them to transfer capacity building skills and expertise
to their public sector counterpart institutions in
partner countries and will support strengthening
of sustainable development focused public sector
bilateral and regional linkages.
The Emergency Medical Training project is devel 
oping systems for training of emergency medicine
doctors. It aims to build organizational capacity
within the Bangkok hospitals and emergency
management system to establish training in spe 
cialist emergency medicine, and to enhance future
disaster management capacity, and emergency
health responses.
AusAID s future tsunami activities:
The Disaster Preparedness efforts will focus on
implementation of a risk management strategy for
Phuket. It will provide for integrated management
of government and industry responses to risk
events, rapid acquisition and dissemination of
government and industry responses to risk events,
rapid acquisition and dissemination of event criti 
cal information, coordinated and fast tracked con 
sideration of policy response, and real time link 
ing with national and provincial security, disaster
relief and economic agencies. In this, Thailand will
gain the ability to maintain this strategy and rep 
licate it in other areas of the country from within
its own resources.
A Thai Australian Hospitality and Tourism Training
Centre will be established to enhance the capac 
ity of Thai vocational training instructors in hospi 
tality and tourism at affected vocational, techni 
cal and community colleges through the use of
Australian vocational training expertise.

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