medical teams and supplies to Phuket; Australian
The Australian Government.
Federal Police (AFP) leadership in the coordination
of the Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) process;
an AFP DVI team of 37 specialists for the identification
AUSAID partners include Australian Federal Police
process of the tsunami victims; establishment of
(AFP), Federal Agent Karl Kent, Forensic Operations
a Forward Command Post and three mortuary
Manager Julian Slater, Kenyon International, Australian
sites; Australian NGO assistance; and an assessment
Department of Industry Tourism and Resources, Thai
mission team.
Ministry of Tourism and Sport, Australian Department
The largest of post emergency period AUSAID
of Education, Science and Training, Thailand Ministry
efforts is the Disaster Victim Identification and
of Education, Office of Vocational Education Commission,
Repatriation project. With the support of Kenyon
Victorian Government Department of Human Services,
International, a disaster management company,
Chief of Emergency Medicine, Rajavithi Hospital,
AFP officers, the Royal Thai Police and the Interna 
Bangkok and the director of Narenthorn Centre of the
tional DVI community has improved disaster response
Ministry of Public Health.
capacity tremendously. The operation has provided
an opportunity for all countries involved to enhance
technical data, methods, and to learn from each
AUSAID projects can be divided between those under 
other. In light of this, the RTP and the AFP recently
taken as part of the initial response and those in the
re signed a Memorandum of Understanding on
post emergency period:
Transnational Crime and Developing Police Coop 
Closely coordinated with the national capacities
of local authorities, initial response aid surrounded
The Sustainable Tourism project aims at reviving
relief, assessment and identification efforts.
tsunami affected southern coastal regions
Post emergency period efforts included Disaster
through the encouragement of sustained tourism
Victim Identification and Repatriation, Sustainable
in the Andaman Coastal zone.  Through a framework
Tourism, Coastal Reef Rehabilitation, Asia Public
of improved planning and capacity building, it will
Sector Linkages Program and Emergency Medical
help the Thai government to deliver sustainable
outcomes in tourism reconstruction and development
for affected communities.
Also part of post emergency period projects, is
Tsunami affected provinces.
Coastal Reef Rehabilitation, which aims to develop
guidelines for sustainable development of coastal
resources. It focuses on partnership development
26 December 2004   ongoing.
in Similan in Phang Nga Province and Hat Chao
Mai and adjacent coastal areas in Trang Province.
Expected outputs include: shared databases with
On past and current projects, AUSAID has already
major elements of coastal zone resource manage 
expended  USD Million 1.54. Expected future efforts
ment for the two areas; an improved collaborative
have a projected cost of USD Million 1.57. The total
coastal zone management decision making structure;
funding by AUSAID on tsunami related projects in
concepts of collaborative and integrated coastal
Thailand is USD Million 16.95.
management adopted by provincial governments;
and sustained networks of Thai and Australian
counterparts in coastal resource management.
" Initial response projects included deployment of
The Asia Public Sector Linkages Program for Thailand
an AusAID officer in the UNDAC team; sending of
(PSLP) is used for continued tsunami related assistance.

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