by the tsunami, as well as vulnerable individuals
Based on the needs assessment carried out with the
identified by local NGOs and government bodies.
UNDAC mission in cooperation with the Thai Government,
WFP assistance came in the form of rice, canned
a few days after the disaster, a two pronged approach
fish and vegetable cooking oil
was identified by WFP for emergency food assistance:
supporting the ongoing school food programme
assisting vulnerable families in the six affected
WFP assisted individuals, families and communities in
the six provinces most affected by the tsunami: Phuket,
No further assistance was required, so WFP has not
Phang Nga, Ranong, Krabi, Trang and Satun
provided further tsunami related inputs in Thailand.
The school lunch programme lasted one full school
Royal Thai Government, UNICEF, and others
year (200 days); food assistance to vulnerable families
was provided for a three month period
USD 500,000 of emergency food assistance was provided
for Thailand from the WFP central emergency fund for
Approximately 11,255 students in 767 schools in
the Indian Ocean region (Immediate Response Account)
the six affected provinces received WFP assistance
WFP assistance was provided for more than 3,000
affected vulnerable families (reaching approxi 
School feeding programme:
mately 15,000 people)
An estimated 8,000 students were either directly
or indirectly affected by the tsunami in the above 
mentioned six provinces; some lost their parents,
many lost their homes, and many children s parents
were without jobs. Despite the fact that schools
had an on going school lunch programme, funds
were only usually available for some 30% of the
students, at the average allowance of 6 baht per
child (equivalent of one to two dishes of rice). WFP
used food commodities of rice, canned fish and
vegetable cooking oil to complement the govern 
ment s existing school lunch programme and enabled
most schools in the tsunami affected areas to
provide a nutritious lunch for all the pupils who
needed it. WFP s school lunch programme ended
up reaching more than the anticipated number
of students
Affected vulnerable families:
WFP assistance provided basic food supplies to the
most vulnerable families in the tsunami affected
areas for a three month period. Food commodities
were made available through various temporary
reception centres, villages that had been badly hit

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