150,000 children.  Some 140,000 children in 800
Water supply and sanitation for 2,000 families in
schools and young child development centres are
18 temporary shelters
now receiving sports and play equipment to en 
Water supply and sanitation for 12 temporary
courage recreational activities   very important as 
pects to help children s psychosocial recovery.
Water tanks, purification equipment for shelters
Key results attributable to UNICEF action:
Assessments in 800 schools with improvements
Psychosocial recovery programme launched for
planned for 500
150,000 children in six provinces
Direct multi sectoral support (food, water, shelter, health
500 Government social workers, teachers and early
and nutrition)
childhood care givers trained in psychosocial recovery
Major successes:
activities for children
Adequacy of food, shelter and water for all temporarily
Families, teachers and social workers with improved
displaced families.
knowledge on "helping children cope with grief"
No major issues in health and nutrition emerged
(16,000 printed materials disseminated)
The rapid nature of the response to provide multi 
50,000 children with essential psychosocial reading
sectoral support to local administrations for their
materials (back pack kits)
relief operations
141,000 children in 550 schools and 250 young
Key results largely attributable to UNICEF action:
child development centres with opportunities for
Emergency support for 15 districts for action in
play and recreation (joint  funding with Education
shelter, food, health, nutrition, education, HIV/AIDS,
child care practices / information including;
Transport and communications costs for 15 district
Major successes:
teams assessment and monitoring visits to vulnerable
Current school attendance is near to pre tsunami
levels.  Three months after the tsunami almost all
Stipends for government staff in data collection
of the 300,000 children in tsunami affected areas
and data entry
have returned to school.
Hire of 4 temporary teachers for ethnic minority
Key results largely attributable to UNICEF action:
children living on islands
School attendance protected for 700 children who
Classroom equipment replaced, school uniforms
lost parents through emergency education grants
provided and emergency lunch support for 30
Tsunami damaged schools rehabilitated (hire of
15 temporary teachers and 12 temporary school
School clean up campaigns in 12 schools
cleaners, water and sanitation and electricity restored
Facts for life printed materials for families, schools
in 12 temporary schools)
  300,000 people, 50,000 children
School attendance protected for 200 children living
Emergency food supply for 1,000 children under five
in temporary shelters (transport costs to / from
Young people activities through young people
school for 200 children)
141,000 children in 550 schools and 250 young
Temporary housing and repair for 1,200 displaced
child development centres with opportunities for
and ethnic minority families
play and recreation (sports equipment and reading
Small scale funding for restoration of livelihoods
books   linked to psychosocial recovery programme
in 7 districts
Water and Environmental Sanitation
Emergency short term grants for 500 vulnerable
Major successes:
families and orphaned children to protect education
No outbreaks of water borne disease among affected
Major successes:
Key results largely attributable to UNICEF action:
Programmes are in the early implementation

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