As part of a coordinated effort by the United Nations
the Protection of Children s Rights, Khon Kaen University,
Country Team in Thailand, UNICEF plays a pivotal role
Prince of Songkla University, Walailak University,
in supporting the Royal Thai Government s longer term
Kanjanapisak Home, Rajanukul Institute, Community
tsunami recovery and rehabilitation effort.
Organizations Development Institute, Thai Youth News
Association, Radio Thailand
UNICEF s support covers: water and sanitation (making
sure schools have safe drinking water and a healthy
environment); child protection (providing expert psycho 
These programmes are funded by UNICEF global
social counselling, monitoring the situation of orphans
thematic emergency funds, with contributions from
and other vulnerable children and keeping children
UNICEF National Committees, private individuals and
safe from abuse, neglect and exploitation); education
governments, as well as private companies and individuals
(getting all children into school and improving quality
in Thailand, through local fundraising.
of education); monitoring and evaluation (assessing
the situation of children, including minority and migrant
children, and advocating for their rights); health (integrated
Child Protection
maternal and child health and nutrition services for
The tsunami has resulted in the weakening and break 
vulnerable communities and monitoring child nutrition);
down of the normal family and community mecha 
information for families and communities (promoting
nisms that protect children. Around 50,000 children
positive behaviours towards children),  and HIV/AIDS
in the six affected provinces are now more vulnerable.
(working with young people to prevent new infections
The loss of incomes for around 35,000 families has
and providing care, support, counselling, vocational
further increased the risk of children dropping out of
training and other services for parents and children
school, of being trafficked, abused or sexually ex 
living with or affected by HIV/AIDS).
Priorities at the outset of the emergency were to
Ministry of Social Development and Human Security,
accelerate the return to normalcy for affected children
Ministry of Education, Office of Basic Education Commis 
as quickly as possible, to provide psychological support
sion, Ministry of Public Health, Department of Health,
through a broad community based psychosocial
Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Interior, MOI
recovery programme, and to take special measures
Department of Local Administration, Ministry of Natural
to ensure adequate protection for the most vulnerable
Resources and Environment, Education Service Area
children   including those children without parents.
Offices, Provincial Public Health and Education Offices,
Key objectives:
Provincial and District Local Administration Offices,
Strengthen capacities for psychosocial care and
District Public Health Offices and Hospitals, Government
support to children and their families and make
of Thailand s Public Relations Department, National
available specialised psychosocial care and support.
and Provincial Statistics Offices, Office of Decentralization
Provide psychosocial support to teachers and
to Local Government Organization Committee, Queen
health and community workers, provide training
Sirikit National Institute of Child Health, National Institute
and orientation for these groups on child care and
for Child and Family Development, Thai Breastfeeding
Centre, Knowledge Network Institute, Pattanarak
Identify separated and/or unaccompanied children
Foundation, WHO, UN HIV/AIDS Theme Group Partners,
and ensure that systems are in place to reunite
World Vision Foundation of Thailand, Save the Children
them with their immediate or extended families.
UK, Muslim Youth Association, Institute of Nutrition and
Ensure that all children return to school (see Edu 
Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University, Centre for
cation Sector).

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