Two tsunami projects were approved following the
In the initial response to the crisis, UNFPA Thailand
recommendations from the Need Assessment Mission
provided immediate relief assistance to the local people
conducted in January 2005.  Both projects are providing
and migrant workers affected by the tsunami through
similar services, but to different target communities:
mobile clinics under the existing UNFPA funded
a) Thai communities affected by the tsunami; b) migrant
project being implemented by World Vision Foundation
workers communities:
of Thailand (WVFT) in Ranong and Phuket.  In addition,
UNFPA Headquarters has provided USD 500,000 in
Reproductive Health Care Services in
response to the emergencies.
Tsunami Affected Areas in Thailand
addresses two of the most urgent and needy areas:
Based on recommendations from a key needs assess 
(1) improved access to reproductive health infor 
ment mission carried out in four of the worst affected
mation, counseling and services for women, men,
provinces, two recovery projects were formulated and
and adolescents and older persons in the newly
approved. These aimed to address the reproductive
developed communities; and (2) capacity devel 
health needs of the local population and the migrants
opment of health service providers and community
focusing safe motherhood, family planning, gender
volunteer groups.  The project covers: provision of
equality, HIV prevention and adolescent reproductive
basic needs and sanitation; emergency obstetric
health, including behavioural change communication
care; involvement of community/youth health volun 
and counseling.
teers including women and girls, trauma related
counseling, through existing or new one stop
health service centres and mobile clinics among
Government: Ministry of Public Health (MOPH),
other activities.
Department of Health (DOH),
A Rapid Assessment and Baseline Survey was con 
NGOs: World Vision Foundation of Thailand, the
ducted by the College of Public Health (CPH),
Institute for Population and Social Research (IPSR),
Chulalongkorn University (CU) and the research
Mahidol University (MU)
findings were published and disseminated to imple 
menting agencies, stakeholders and the public in
September 2005. The project intervention has
As of October 2005, the UNFPA Country Office has
been since refined to best meet the needs of target
received a total amount of USD 996,759 (USD 500,000
from UNFPA Headquarters, USD 400,000 from OCHA
Expanding Reproductive Health Care Services
through UNRCOO/HC and 96,759 from OCHA second
to Tsunami Affected Areas
 project has two
round of un earmarked tsunami funds).
components, covering: a) migrant workers and
their families, and b) local populations in Phang
Nga, Ranong, Phuket and Krabi provinces.
UNFPA conducted a field based needs assessment in
four of the worst affected provinces in collaboration
a)About 5,000 migrant workers and their families
with the Department of Health (DOH), Ministry of Public
and 4,000 local population have been reached by
Health (MOPH), the Institute for Population and Social
the project for provision of general and RH care
Research (IPSR), Mahidol University (MU) and the World
services through the existing service delivery
Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT).  The mission
points and the UNFPA funded mobile clinics for
identified several areas needing immediate action,
the hard to reach clients.  The IPSR/MU conducted
with medium to longer term relief and reproductive
a Baseline Survey among tsunami affected migrant
health (RH) care objectives.
workers in Phang Nga and Ranong.

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