GIS mapping of part of the Surin Islands and
UNESCO aims to document and disseminate best prac 
Adang Archipelago.
tices and lessons learnt among these communities, aim 
Collecting household data of Lhao Island to prepare
ing to strengthen local government capacity; promote
personal documents for the development of human
indigenous cultures; and reduce vulnerability to future
disasters and ensure sustainable recovery.
Education for Natural Disaster Preparedness in Asia Pa 
cific is an initiative that aims to inform education and
Government: Ministry of Education (MOE)
policy formulation through communication and infor 
NGOs: CODI, APPAN (Asia Pacific Performing Arts
mation dissemination, as well as production of locally
Network), CUSRI, Chulalongkorn University
relevant education materials for disaster prevention,
UN agencies: UNDP
recognition and preparedness adaptable to various
stakeholders and sectors.
UNESCO is an implementing partner for UNDP in the
 Support to Rehabilitation of Traditional Communities
The  Support to Rehabilitation of Traditional Commu 
in Tsunami Affected Areas in Thailand  project.
nities in Tsunami Affected Areas  project  covers Phang
Nga, Ranong, Phuket and Satun provinces, involving
two sea gypsy groups: the Moken in the Surin Islands
Rehabilitation of Traditional Communities and Municipali 
and Lhao Island; and the Urak Lawoi in Lipe Island,
ties in Tsunami Affected areas in Thailand will promote cul 
Rawai and Sirey.
tural heritage and build capacity of indigenous peo 
ple to actively participate in the post tsunami de 
velopment of conservation regulation.
July 2005   March 2006
Living along the Andaman sea coast, the sea gypsy
communities (Moken, Moklen and Urak Lawoi) are
By the end of October 2005, the following key achieve 
distinctive groups of people whose lifestyle, languages
ments can be noted:
and cultures differ markedly from the rest of Thai Society.
The Surin Islands have been surveyed and data
Approximately 1,000 sea gypsy households were affected
collected for GIS mapping.
by the tsunami. Various activities will be carried out
A stakeholder Meeting was held at Khuraburi
Hospital on the Moken and the Surin Islands;
Constructing of traditional boats and nature trails
Representatives from Government and NGOs
to transfer sea gypsy knowledge and skills and for
shared ideas about development and conservation
community use.
as well as suitable ways to preserve the Moken
Rebuilding huts exhibiting on traditional culture
culture, compatible with environmental conservation.
of Moken people.
The cultural nature trail has been developed to
Workshops with relevant stakeholders to explore
revive ethno botanical knowledge of the Moken
options and provide recommendations for co 
management in protected areas.
The Moken finished building their traditional
Developing booklets for tourists on indigenous
boats and will use them to take tourists around
people and their natural resources.
the Moken village.
Developing local school curricula materials with
All household data on the Lhao Islands has been
an emphasis on sea gypsy traditional cultures.
collected and keyed into a database.

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