Implementing the guiding principles for post 
Immediately after the tsunami occurred, UNEP established
tsunami rehabilitation and construction in
the Asian Tsunami Disaster Task Force, and assisted the
coastal zones.
environmental authorities in Thailand in assessing the
> A pilot project in Had Thuai Muang Marine
damage to natural resources and the needs for envi 
National park is underway to engage the local
ronmental recovery and reconstruction. Experts were
communities and the private sector in the restora 
deployed to conduct and facilitate rapid environmental
tion and management of the national park and
assessments and help coordinate environmental
its natural resources.
recovery programmes in partnership with national
authorities, UN agencies and the international community.
Institutional Strengthening
In February 2005, UNEP presented a regional Rapid
> Development of a unified GIS based data base
Environmental Assessment report on the environmental
at the National Coastal and Marine Information
damages caused by the tsunami. A number of priority
Centre on key components of marine and
areas of assistance were identified by Thailand s Ministry
coastal resources in the six affected provinces;
of Natural Resources and the Environment (MONRE).
> A series of sub regional dialogues on rehabili 
tation and recovery activities will be organized,
to re assess local priority needs and further
Government: Ministry of Natural Resources and
develop effective implementation mechanisms.
the Environment (MONRE)
> Information dissemination, through preparation
NGOs: Asian Institute of Technology, World Wide
and publication of a number of leaflets on the
Fund for Nature (Thailand) and IUCN
importance of natural resources in protecting
UN agencies: UNDP
lives and livelihoods.
Environment Assessment
The Rapid Environmental Assessment report was
> The development of a series of digital maps
funded from UNEP resources and it is estimated that
indicating the current status of mangrove forests,
for the Thailand chapter, approximately USD 15,000
including the data on the principal species. The
was committed. The remaining activities are funded
mapping will facilitate the process of planning
by Flash Appeal funds through OCHA and UNDP. The
for the rehabilitation of damaged mangrove forma 
total expenditure budget for the project is USD
tions and the creation of mangrove plantations
in other suitable areas. The mapping will cover
all six affected provinces.
The key priority areas can be categorized into the
UNEP projects cover communities and environmental
Mainstreaming and Integration
resources in all affected provinces.
> An assessment is being undertaken of the economic
value of tsunami related damages to natural re 
sources in four selected sites ( Trang, Krabi,
All programmes are expected to be completed by the
Phang Nga and Ranong) to assist MONRE to
end of March 2006.
promote the integration of environmental concerns
in reconstruction and rehabilitation activities.
A regional Rapid Environmental Assessment report
Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Eco 
on the environmental damages caused by the
system Restoration
tsunami was completed in February 2005, with

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