Yai Noi established.
Community based Livelihood Recovery
> Education and awareness campaigns about coral
> Longer term community recovery programmes
reef protection and conservation are ongoing. Under 
have been formulated that are benefiting 20,000
water reef trails, sign boards, floating fences, mooring
households in tsunami devastated areas.
buoys established in protected areas.
> 29 Grassroots Credit schemes and revolving funds
> Coastal reforestation of mangrove and pine trees is
have been set up to finance the recouping of lost
underway to reduce the future tsunami impacts.
assets such as fishing boats, tackle, houses, docks
> Krabi Province chosen as the pilot site for a strategic
and public markets. Some 470 boat engines, 223
planning model for the Andaman Coastline. A bottom 
boats and 171 houses have been replaced or repaired.
up participatory decision making process will deter 
Some 300 fishing gears such as nets and traps have
mine an overall plan that is environmentally, economi 
been replaced.
cally and culturally sustainable.
> Support has been given to relief centres and
> Community initiated projects that manage natural
communities  with alternative livelihood training
resources and the environment using traditional
and income generating activities such as seafood
and cultural methods initiated.
processing, textiles, handicrafts, carpentry and
> Coastal eco system tsunami impact assessments
herbal medicines.
underway with universities.
> Activities to promote cultural heritage, environmental
awareness and eco  tourism have been launched
Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation
in Krabi, Phang Nga and Phuket provinces.
> Training has been provided for 550 local and federal
> People Mapping workshops are underway to catalogue
government leaders in crisis management, first aid
local culture and wisdom.
and search and rescue initiatives.
> Dozens of community groups have been formed in
> Community based disaster risk management plan 
order to improve participation in local government
ning well underway in target communities. Town
decision making and rehabilitation initiatives.
hall meetings to discuss and finalise plans initiated.
> Multi stakeholder consultations between local
> Tidal gauges installed at Phuket and Similan Islands
government, communities, NGOs, and the private
linked to regional and national tsunami early warn 
sector have been organized to plan for future
ing networks.
development that is sustainable.
> Training selected government organizations in
Coordination of International Assistance
participatory planning to promote community has
> Assistance to the Government s "Sub Committee on
been initiated.
the Coordination of International Assistance", a forum
> Networking and sharing of best practices between
bringing together government agencies, donors,
communities affected by the tsunami is underway.
UN Agencies and NGOs.
> Needy people not affected directly by tsunami
> UNDP acted as lead international agency in support
benefiting from project spin offs.
of two task forces set up by the Sub Committee: one
on the rehabilitation of coral reefs and marine resources
Environmental Rehabilitation
and one on community livelihood recovery.
> 95% of targeted coral reefs have been cleared of
> UNDP provided support to the Thailand International
hundreds of tones of debris washed out onto the
Development Cooperation Agency (TICA), Ministry
reefs by the tsunami. Underwater cleanup around
of Foreign Affairs, to develop a Donor Assistance
Krabi resuming through December.
Database  (DAD) to track international assistance
> 17 coral reefs sites have been rehabilitated, including
launched on November 25, 2005. It can be found online
sea fan coral repair and stag horn coral replantation.
Walking trails through tidal exposed reefs in Koh

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