take into consideration the need for environmentally
 Build Back Better 
sound and sustainable economic activities in both
As part of a coordinated effort by the United Nations
the fishery and tourism industries.
Country Team in Thailand, UNDP plays a pivotal role in
b) Environmental Rehabilitation
supporting the Royal Thai Government s longer term
UNDP is supporting the clean up and rehabilitation
tsunami recovery and rehabilitation efforts, with special
of coral reefs damaged by the tsunami that are of
emphasis placed on marginalized groups such as Sea
utmost importance to both the local tourism and
Gypsies and Muslim fishing communities. UNDP s support
fisheries sectors. At policy level, UNDP is working
is focused in four areas: Coordination, Community 
with the Royal Thai Government in supporting the
based Livelihood Recovery, Environmental Rehabilita 
development process of a strategic plan for the
tion and Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation.
integrated coastal management of the Andaman
Coast, focusing on key issues such as zoning, juris 
diction and legislation, community involvement
Government: Community Organizations Develop 
in conservation efforts.
ment Institute (CODI), Thailand International De 
c) Support to the Coordination of International Assistance
velopment Cooperation Agency (TICA), Depart 
UNDP provides strategic support to the Royal Thai
ment of Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation, De 
Government in the coordination of international
partment of Fisheries, Department of Marine and
technical assistance to the ongoing tsunami relief
Coastal Resources, Department of Skills Develop 
and recovery effort. A key step has been the launch
ment and Thai Geotechnical and Meteorological
of the Development Assistance Database (DAD)
set up to track international assistance: http://
NGOs: Thai Fund Foundation, Phuket Federation
dadthailand.mfa.go.th/dad/, launched on 25
of Trade Unions, Phuket Chamber of Commerce,
November 2005
Phuket Tourism Association, Thaicraft Association,
d) Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation
Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre and IFRC Thai
UNDP is supporting the Royal Thai Government
Red Cross.
in its efforts to strengthen disaster preparedness
Private Sector: Rolls Royce, Coca Cola.
at local levels and to develop a national tsunami
early warning system. Integrated into a regional
early warning system, now under development, it
will be grounded in a multi hazard, community 
based approach. The project works in cooperation
UNDP, UNOG, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Portgal,
with local authorities, education institutions, commu 
Rolls Royce, Coca Cola
nity level preparedness NGOs, the media and the
private sector to establish a multi hazard, commu 
nity level public awareness component designed
a) Community based Livelihood Recovery
to ensure long term sustainability.
UNDP is supporting the Royal Thai Government
and local NGOs in a longer term effort to help
communities get back on their feet. Priority is given
All UNDP programmes are spread across five of the six
to the more vulnerable Sea Gypsy and Muslim
southwestern tsunami affected provinces: Phuket,
communities affected by the disaster in a manner
Krabi, Phang Nga, Satun and Ranong.
that protects and promotes their cultural heritage.
Key to programming is the promotion of redevel 
opment dialogue between affected communities
All programmes are long term and are being implemented
and government. Livelihood recovery activities
between January 2005 and June 2006.

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