supporting materials to the military units responding
As in many other natural and man made emergency
to the immediate post tsunami crisis
settings, the tsunami s impact on Thailand has helped
Translation into Thai and dissemination of pre  and
to increase the vulnerability of the affected areas and
post emergency HIV and AIDS guidelines, good
populations to HIV/AIDS in the following four key ways,
practices and lessons learned
however slight those effects may prove to be:
Promotion of the importance of developing and
integrating responses to HIV and AIDS risks and
Reduced social stability and support through a
vulnerabilities in the Tsunami recovery and rehabili 
disruption of social order, stable relationships, so 
tation initiatives.
cial and cultural mores and structures.
In the immediate aftermath, interrupted access to
essential public and community services in many
UNAIDS initiatives cover all tsunami affected provinces
affected areas.
and key actors.
Increased potential for personal insecurity and the
risk of sexual  and gender based violence and assault
in a number of affected areas.
All programmes are expected to have been completed
Perhaps most importantly for longer term
by the end of January 2006.
vulnerabilities to HIV infection, the tsunami also
effectively destroyed incomes, assets and livelihoods
for thousands of people.
5,000 reusable plastic condom promotion
 with condom promotion and use infor 
In this process of post tsunami recovery, rehabilitation
mation in Thai, in addition to condoms supplied
and rebuilding in Thailand, the UN System is working
for the pockets.  These materials, distributed
to ensure that our long term responses to this tragedy
through AFRIMS, were made available to military
will promote the sustainable social and material
units serving throughout the tsunami affected
preparedness that will help these communities cope
with HIV and AIDS for years to come.
It is expected that 
5,000 copies
 of pre  and post 
emergency HIV and AIDS guidelines, good practices
and lessons learned will have been translated into
Government: Ministry of Public Health
Thai and disseminated to emergency response
NGOs: Population & Community Development
partners throughout the country by 31 January
Association, Thai Red Cross, World Vision
2006. This effort will help to improve the on going
national emergency preparedness and recovery
responses in the post Tsunami period. These
documents include the Inter Agency Standing
Total funding from UNAIDS resources amounts to USD
Committee s guidelines for the integration of HIV
15,000, of which 75 per cent had been expended as of
and AIDS into the emergency preparedness, emer 
31 October 2005; it is anticipated that the balance will
gency response, and recovery phases of any emer 
be expended before 31 January 2006.
UNAIDS Thailand has worked with UN System,
governmental and non governmental partners to
The direct contribution of UNAIDS Thailand to the tsunami
ensure that responses to the tsunami integrate
response and recovery effort in Thailand has concentrated
appropriate  HIV and AIDS programming where
on three primary efforts:
possible and relevant, including most particularly
Provision of Emergency Response HIV Prevention
reproductive health and livelihoods programming.

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