Active and passive health services provided
dry/canned food. These items were selected after
migrants by targeted health facilities supported
consulting various organizations that were already
by the project:
providing relief to migrant communities.
In Phang Nga Province, a provincial migrant health
Disaster victim identification assistance iden 
committee has been established and a mobile
tified 75 claims/petitions for missing or deceased
clinic has been actively providing preventive and
 IOM in collaboration with NGOs is assisting
primary care services to targeted communities on
migrants in claiming bodies of relatives if recovered
a monthly basis.
by the authority.
In Ranong Province, vaccination services and CDC
Reports of 93 missing persons received by IOM
screening has begun and mobile clinics are scheduled
coordination centre and 75 cases have been
to start in the coming month.  Evaluation of focus
submitted to the authority.  DNA screening was
group of migrants regarding basic CDC knowledge
conducted for these cases.  As of September 2005,
and health access has been completed.
30 victims have been identified and are pending
Essential medical equipments and medicines
 to hospitals/health centres with large
Thirty employers counselled on the benefits
migrant communities:
and process of migrant worker registration in
Phang Nga, and 900 migrants benefited from
Essential medical equipments and medicine have
, which enabled migrants to register for
been distributed by IOM to local NGOs and government
the national health insurance scheme in Phang
health facilities throughout Phang Nga Province.
Nga, Phuket and Ranong provinces
Over 4,000 packs of humanitarian relief goods
Among the 900 grants distributed, 500 grants were
distributed to migrants
 in Phang Nga, Phuket
provided to migrants in Ranong and Phuket
and Ranong:
through the ILO and its partner.  In Phang Nga, a
total of 400 migrants received registration grants
Each pack contained donated and newly purchased
though the IOM/PHO/WHO Migrant Coordination
clothes (such as long sleeve shirts, sarongs and
underwear), mosquito nets, sanitary items and
 Each grant is worth THB 1900 representing the cost of health check up (THB 600) and annual insurance fee (THB 1300).

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