Organizational and business arrangements have
on community empowerment and teaches English to
been made within the groups and they are now
villagers, and a Wildlife Animal Rescue (WAR) project
producing good quality products, with coaching
on rehabilitating wild animals.
from an expert.
The batik group has received quite a few orders
Thaicraft Association
for shirts, shawls and other clothing, as well as or 
A group of women in Baan Talay Nok had been trained
namental pieces. They are very motivated and the
in soap making in a post tsunami government skills
president of the Federation is also very enthusias 
training programme and further assisted by NATR, but
tic.  Consequently, the Federation has been a very
they lacked the entrepreneurship skills required to
effective partner in this project.  The group is pres 
turn their training into a micro enterprise.  Through
ently working on "the longest piece of batik" de 
the project some of the women have benefited from
picting the tsunami and it will be ready in time to
the Get Ahead entrepreneurship training, others have
be exhibited at upcoming tsunami anniversary
benefited from an exchange visit with the community
of Kiriwong, which is a good example of resilience and
One of the Federation s members has been trained
entrepreneurship, having been hit by disaster ten years
as a  Get Ahead Trainer .
ago.  A professional is now teaching the group how to
be competitive in business, how to package their prod 
Responsible Ecological Social Tours (REST)
ucts, market and sell them.
Approximately 60 people are involved in the Commu 
nity Based Tourism in Baan Talay Nok.  The community
 in Patong has produced information materials,
benefits from networking between four projects
doing monthly community radio broadcasting on
within its territory: as well as the REST project on com 
"safe work", undertaking bi weekly outreach visits to
munity based tourism there is a Thaicraft supported
bars and entertainment venues and holding focus
micro enterprise of women producing soap, a North
group discussions on health. The group is also active
Andaman Tsunami Relief (NATR) project which works
in networking with members in other regions in Thailand.

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