These workers are mainly women from the province
beach front and coastal businesses in Phuket. One of
of Phang Nga.  The Federation consulted the Labour
the key areas identified by workers in initial meetings
Club members on their needs and desires before
organized to discover their needs, was the ability to
submitting its proposal to ILO.
respond to emergencies, both for their own sake and
for their ability to assist tourists.  It is thought that the
Phang Nga Tourist Association (PNTA)
display of certificates would also reassure the tourists
The Association s priority is to train retrenched workers
and show that the establishment is serious about dealing
and other members of the community in the Khao Lak
properly with emergencies.
area, to provide local manpower for the tourist season
as well as revenues for Khao Lak area residents.
The Phuket Tourist Association (PTA)
 opened a Small
Business Recovery Centre giving advice to small businesses
Responsible Ecological Social Tours (REST)
affected by the tsunami.  It built a database of 200 small
The work has included surveying and selecting three
businesses affected by the tsunami, identifying problems
coastal communities hit by the tsunami as project sites.
and issues.  The PTA project consists of upgrading skills
The project has covered community preparation, training
and/or offering new skills to the staff of member and
needs assessment, professional guide training and
non member organizations who have been hard hit
workshop and training for home stays.
financially in the post tsunami economic slowdown.
The Thaicraft Association
project focuses on providing legal advice,
Thaicraft has two part time professionals working with
functional English literacy, sexual and emotional health
80 women in tsunami affected communities. They
education and HIV/AIDS prevention.
have trained the women in producing quality
handicrafts and in addition five have been trained as
production group leaders learning management and
Most of the project s activities are in Phuket and Phang
supervisory skills.  Their activities include product quality
Nga, with some activities extending into Ranong.  Fol 
and design, skills development, production enhancement
lowing a request from the Ministry of Labour the
and marketing.
project added a small programme in Krabi.
Disabled Peoples  International (DPI)
Their mandate includes a survey and needs assessment
The project was originally envisaged as six months
of persons with disabilities in Phang Nga, peer counsel 
(July to December 2005) but this has been extended
ling, skills training, self help and advocacy, independent
until February 2006.
living training. They have also held a seminar on barrier 
free tourism and methods of hotel and restaurant
reconstruction that allow universal access.
Here are a few examples of the many quantifiable
achievements recorded by ILO and its partners, as of
 provinces, project activities are
mid November 2005:
mainly with the formal economy since the tsunami
damaged only 10 to 15 per cent of the facilities, allowing
Phuket Federation of Hotel and Labor Services (PFHLS)
for a quicker return of tourists.
A group of women have been trained in how to
produce batik products and artificial flowers.  A
Examples include working with 
Employers Confederation
workshop has been rented, providing a workplace
of Thailand (ECOT)
 on emergency response training for
for the production of batik and artificial flowers;

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