ILO is also partnering with:
After the successful emergency response to the tsunami,
Government: Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Foreign
the so called "second wave" unfolded in the tourist
Affairs (TICA)
areas of southern Thailand.  The tourism industry   which
UN agencies: UNDP
had been the principal economic motor in this area   was
heavily damaged.  In areas such as Khao Lak (Phang
Nga province), most hotels and tourist related businesses
The project aims to assist workers and employers affected
were either wiped out or forced to close for renovations
by the tsunami to increase their employability and
or lack of clientele.  Consequently, thousands of workers
ability to generate income, as well as helping specific
were retrenched or had their income significantly reduced.
organizations servicing them to be better able to meet
their needs. The project focuses on activities in the
In addition to the damage to the formal tourism sector,
following areas:
the informal economy was also seriously disrupted.
1)Training of employers and workers in the formal
Because the tourists were no longer coming in, informal
tourism related sector
economy workers such as masseuses and handicraft
2)Access to commercial financial services for micro
sellers also lost their customers. At the same time the
and small businesses
thousands of people who lost their formal tourism
3)Support to informal economy/self employment
economy work moved into the informal economy for
4)HIV/AIDS prevention
survival. Hence, there has been an urgent need to help
informal economy operators develop new products
The project activities in 
Phang Nga
and services and get access to new markets.
provinces are primarily (but not only) with the infor 
mal economy since this is where the tsunami hit hard 
Four key areas of work were identified for assistance:
est and where most jobs in the formal economy were
capacity building for workers and employers in the
lost. Many retrenched workers are now involved in in 
formal tourism sector; technical assistance to the growing
formal economy activities to earn money.  In addition,
informal economy; technical assistance to help small
former informal economy workers who were earning
businesses get access to small loans; and HIV prevention
a living from tourism have had to redefine their activi 
in the tourism sector.
ties since tourists have not yet returned.
ILO encourages its nine partners to network amongst
Phuket Federation of Hotel and Labour Services (PFHLS)
themselves and to help each other within their areas
Immediately after the tsunami two Mobile Assistance
of expertise. This brings added value to their individual
Centres (MAC) were set up to provide information and
projects and enriches certain of their components. The
assistance to workers on their rights and immediate
nine partners are:
needs. Retrenched workers were helped to organize
themselves into a Labour Club.
NGOs: Phuket Federation of Hotels and Service
Labour, Phuket Chamber of Commerce, Employers
The Federation s project aims to:
Confederation of Thailand (ECOT), Phuket Tourist
1)continue to provide information to workers and
Association (PTA), EMPOWER Foundation, Phang
help them find jobs;
Nga Tourist Association, Thaicraft Association, Disabled
2)help give Labour Club members new skills. The
Peoples  International (DPI), Responsible Ecological
club consists of 300 workers from the hotel/tourism
Social Tours (REST), Krabi Tourist Association
industry who lost their jobs after the tsunami.

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